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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ruth Moyer, Picture Person: Mike Maydak

By Whitley Dierig 

Mike Maydak. 
Every month, Ruth Moyer Elementary celebrates a 'Picture Person.'  This person is a local artist who is meant to inspire the kids about art. This years artists were selected by Lindsey Cook and Jordan Dunbar.

"I really believe we are planting the seeds for our children to grow up and do something they truly are passionate about because of the ideas we are presenting every month.  'This is someone's job!'  You can be this when you get older!'  I'm pretty sure when I was young and reading the 'Funnies' in Sunday's paper, it didn't occur to me that that could be my job one day," said Dunbar.

Last month's featured artist was Kentucky native, Mike Maydak. Mike currently resides in Covington, Kentucky and teaches for Cincinnati State. About six months after graduating from Northern Kentucky University, Mike worked with Bluewater Comic on such titles as 1782: The Year Of Blood and The Blackbeard Legacy before becoming an independent, freelance artist.

Mike has found the most success with his acrylic paintings, most notably his house and architectural works. According to Mike, his talent for creating distorted and exaggerated structures started as an accident. “While working on improving my background skills I just sketched the neighborhood I live in. People loved them, and they evolved into paintings,” he said.

Mike is currently promoting the release of MAYDAK Volume 1, a collection of paintings, sketches, and other works of art into an 88 page full color hardcover book. If you pre-order your copy on you'll receive free shipping and an original sketch on the inside front cover. You can also pre-order a copy from Barnes & Noble. Mike shared a copy of his artbook with us, and it's incredible.

Mike hopes to have a book release and meet and greet at Keystone Bar in Covington, but no date is currently set. Hopefully Beaucoup Pop will be at the Keystone meet and greet, so stay tuned for more information. And if you're in the area, come by and say "Hi" and pick up your copy of the book from the artist himself.

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