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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Water Main Break on Winston Hill

A water main break occurred last week on Crown Point. The break today made it 7 breaks in 2 weeks on Winston Hill. 

Another water main break has occurred on Winston Hill Road around 2:30 PM on Saturday. This is the 7th water main break in two weeks in Fort Thomas, with many of them occurring near the pump station on Memorial Parkway.

FTM spoke to Northern Kentucky Water District Spokeswoman, Amy Kramer, last Friday. She said that the cause of the breaks were due to a faulty water pressure valve, but NKWD had taken that troubled valve out of service.

"Unfortunately mechanical things have flaws. The pressure spike the we read on the meter wasn't even that significant," said Kramer two weeks ago. "We think we have a process in place to make sure this type of event doesn't happen again."

Kramer said that the pressure spikes found the weakest water mains and those were the pipes that broke, but that the readings didn't indicate that big of a spike.

An answering service for the NKWD said that they knew about the main break and that there was no estimated time for a fix.

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