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Thursday, May 7, 2015

2014 Fort Thomas Police Annual Report

The 2014 Fort Thomas Police Annual Report. Photo provided. 
Chief Mike Daly presented the Fort Thomas City Council with his annual report. The annual report has been prepared by Retired Lt. Ken Fecher since 1994.  This was the first year the report was prepared by Sgt. Brent Moening. Fecher retired after serving 24 years. Sgt. Dean Windgassen also retired after serving 17 years.

Once again, Fort Thomas was named the safest city in Kentucky by Real Estate website, Movoto. 

Chief Daly started his presentation by talking about the type of policing that Fort Thomas Police employs to keep our city safe. "The manner  which we deliver services is anchored by our belief in Community Policing, our focus on excellent customer service at the neighborhood level, and our community partnerships," he said.

Sgt. Casey Kilgore was promoted to Lieutenant in November. Moening and Officer Chris Goshorn were also promoted to Sergeant.

The department also welcomed three new officers, Adam Peak, Daniel Cropper and Brandon Laffin.

The current Fort Thomas Police Organization 

Citizen Surveys
Each year, citizens involved in incident reports, traffic stops or offense/accidents are given surveys on how they were treated by police. "Citizen surveys are important feedback for the department," said Chief Daly. "Most of them have been very good, but if they are not we still welcome the opportunity for improvement."

This year, the Fort Thomas Police Department received outstanding marks. For traffic stops, 82% were marked as excellent or good. The rest was no response given. 

For offenses/accidents, 96% were marked as excellent or good. The rest was no response given. 

2014 FTPD Citations (non-traffic) (Most Common Charges)
TOTAL - 542 citations 
Drug related - 258
Warrants served - 84
Alcohol related - 67
Possession of alcohol by a minor - 34
Theft - 18
Assault - 16

2014 FTPD Citations (traffic charges) (Most Common Charges)
TOTAL - 1,380 citations
WARNINGS - 1,465
Speeding - 333 
Insurance violations - 228
Operator license violations - 212
Vehicle license violations - 194
No Seatbelt - 179
Other hazardous traffic violations - 150
DUI - 76

Juvenile Citations (Most Common Charges)
TOTAL - 112 citations
Alcohol related - 48
Drug related - 24

2014 Offenses Reported (Most Common Reported)
TOTAL - 694 offenses reported
Drug related - 191
Thefts - 109
DUI - 61
Assault - 54
Criminal mischief - 50
Alcohol related - 50
Burglary - 24
Harassment - 22
Terroristic Threatening - 21

Courtesy: FTPD

2014 Incident Reports 
TOTAL - 207 incidents reported
TOTAL - 310 accidents reported 
Abuse and neglect - 61
Property damage - 30
Animal related - 25
Deceased persons - 11
Lost articles - 10
Vehicle damage - 7
Missing persons - 6
Neighbor dispute - 6

Traffic Enforcement Comparison 2005-2014
The trend for traffic enforcement in Fort Thomas is clearly moving in a downward direction. As a comparison, in 2005 there were 1,831 total traffic charges and in 2014 there were 1,380.

Total charges by year
2005 - 1,831
2006 - 1,522
2007 - 1,325
2008 - 1,784
2009 - 1,874
2010 - 1,513
2011 - 1,480
2012 - 1,351
2013 - 1,683
2014 - 1,380

Traffic Accident Comparison 2005-2014
With more traffic around the area, mainly due to the new economic development with The Newport Pavilion, traffic accidents are up. The last two years have yielded the most traffic accidents in Fort Thomas over the last 10 years. There were close to 26 accidents reported each month, or about .85 per day.

Total accidents by year
2005 - 280
2006 - 253
2007 - 270
2008 - 272
2009 - 306
2010 - 253
2011 - 302
2012 - 281
2013 - 321
2014 - 310

Investigations Division
The investigations division had contributions from Sgt. Kilgore, Det. Moening, Det. Adams and Dets. Noe and Rowland.

During the course of 2014 the Investigations Division saw a drop in their case load from 220 to 188 cases, which Chief Daly termed as outstanding.

Det. Rowland continued working with the Campbell County Drug Task Force and they have been able to place charges on 38 suspects consisting on 52 trafficking, 10 possession and stopping 2 burglaries in progress. They were also able to seize 511.5 grams of controlled substances, resulting in a combined seizure of $26,543 in street value.

Two of the larger cases the detectives investigated were the bomb threat called into Highlands High School, several acts of graffiti and the theft of catalytic converters from Jeff Wyler in Fort Thomas. 

Heroin related charged continued to trend up, with 64 charges in 2014, up from 38 the prior year.

Heroin related charges by year. FTPD. 

Community Events

- The FTPD continued to participate in many community events throughout the year. The 8th annual CSI: Fort Thomas was hosted in July. Officer William Hunt and Det. Adam Noe and Chief Daly gave elected and demonstrations to 17 students in methods of evidence collection and crime scene investigations. 

- The Fort Thomas Police Department were also able to donate 40 unclaimed stolen and recovered bikes to Brighton Center. They in turn give them out to local kids in need. 

Bikes that are found must be kept in the police department's possession for at least 90 days before they are eligible for forfeiture through the court system. The majority of the bikes have been in the department's possession for 9 months to a year. 

The FTPD has completed this initiative seven years. 

- Son of chief Daly, Michael Daly, represented the Kentucky Chapter for the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. 

Every summer the Youth Leadership Program allows qualified candidates to participate. Only 58 candidates are chosen in the United States. To be selected, a student mist demonstrate high academic standards and good citizenship. 

- The 2014 Cops and Kids Event and Bike Rodeo were also successes.

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