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Friday, May 8, 2015

Fort Thomas Police Force Travels To Costa Rica

Spring Break. Sand, cocktails, I-75 South. A much needed break from the norms of day-to-day life. These are what we usually think of during the one-week break in late March.

Three members of the Fort Thomas Police Force completed a mission that was far nobler: to train Central American police officers in both proper police protocol and advanced techniques AND in Christian gospel.

Sergeant Chris Carpenter, Officer Doug Bryant, and Officer Zac Rohlfer traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica to provide tactical instruction to 182 members of the Costa Rican police forces.  These three Fort Thomas officers used their personal vacation time and their personal monies for this mission trip.

TACTICA (Teaching Authorities Christian Truth in Central America) is an organization that spreads the Christian message throughout Central America. The organization does so through police officers and tactical training. The officers spent their entire Spring Break teaching, holding fellowship, evangelizing, and praying with members of the Costa Rican force.

Chief of Police Mike Daly said of his officers, “The Director of TACTICA Ministries stated the level of professionalism, quality of instruction and the generosity displayed by these men was remarkable. They are certainly a credit to their department as well as to the community in which they serve.”

It is wonderful to have such caring officers working in and for the Fort Thomas community.

For more information about TACTICA, visit their website.

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