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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fort Thomas Police Monthly Report (April 2015)

FTPD firearms instructors are Sgt. Chris Carpenter and Officers Adam Brown and Doug Bryant. Photo courtesy FTPD. 
In April officers wrote 30 speeding 10 DUI charges, 24 charges for non-traffic offenses and 116 traffic charges. They issued 119 written warnings and totaled 33 court appearances. There were 16 drug related charged placed on 12 adults and 7 charges placed against 4 juveniles. Four of those are Fort Thomas residents. Traffic stops led to 8 of those charges.

Officer Derek Faught led the FTPD in the amount of total state citation charges, with 38. Officer Adam Peak was second with 32 and Officer Doug Hoffman was third with 30 .

Officer Brandon Laffin completed his field training program and was assigned to second shift.


Officers Nick Hoffman and Adam Peak attended the International Police Mountain Bike Association through the Covington Police Department (utilizing their bicycle during police work).

Lt. Casey Kilgore attended the Federal Aviation Administration on titles "Aircraft Accident First Responder Safety" (how to respond to plane crashes).

Off. Laffin participated in the VA Police's weekly training (baton training).

Sgt. Chris Carpenter attended a Tactics Course hosted by Norse Security Group (Kentucky Tactical Officers Association).

Chief Mike Daly, Lt. Rich Whitford, Carpenter, Sgt. Brent Moening, Officers Doug Bryant and Michael Dietz particpated in "Responding to an Active Shooter Scenario" with St. Elizabeth Hospital.

Kilgore attended a training seminar that dealt with body works cameras.

Community Events
Sgt. Chris Carpenter and Officer Brad Adams hosted two groups of children from Bluebird Christian Preschool for a Police Department tour.

The FTPD Detectives received 20 new cases in April. Of the 20 cases, 9 have already been closed or charges have been filed. Of the incidents reported, 16 were theft related.

April 2015 cases:
Thefts - 9
Theft of Identity - 7
Criminal Mischief - 2
Wanton Endangerment - 1
Fraudulent Use of Credit Card - 1

Heroin update:
After some promising signs in January and February that new cases were trending lower than 2014, new heroin cases are up significantly from year to year for the second straight month.

The Campbell County Drug Task Force added new investigators from various agencies to assist with the fight against heroin. These investigators have been working with the current investigators during the past month to battle the epidemic, overdoses, users and case load.

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