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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fort Thomas Studies Imperial Apartments After Residents Complaints

Imperial Apartments. Google Street View.
Last January police swarmed on scene at Imperial Apartments at 825 and 831 S. Grand Avenue. It was the latest in a series of events that seemed to occur frequently at the apartment complexes at the corner of S. Fort Thomas and S. Grand Avenues.

Back in 2013, there was talk of implementing an ordinance that could have held landlords more liable for their tenants behavior. (FTM coverage)

At that 2013 council meeting Chief Mike Daly indicated that the department had temporarily stepped up patrols and enforcement in that area and that that strategy had worked.

City Administrator Don Martin, updated council on that strategy in his City Administrator's report last month. "Several months ago a resident who lives adjacent to the Imperial Apartments attended a council meeting and asked that the city consider an ordinance to address his concerns about behavior activity at the apartments," Martin wrote in his report. "The police department has been working with the owners of the apartments and has had great success in correcting behaviors through enforcement and eviction."

The following is the call / response / activity data for the Imperial Apartments for the past five full years and for 2015 to date (April).

2010 77
2011 82
2012 40
2013 58
2014 42
2015 14

"The calls are trending in a positive direction due to the cooperative efforts of the Patricks, the police department and the owners.  Of the 14 interactions in 2015, 8 were for “area checks” or “foot patrol” where the police simply stopped and checked the property," Martin wrote. 

Extrapolated the call/response/activity data for 2015 keeps that rate unchanged at 42 responses for the year. 

Martin told council that there has only been one household that has contacted the city about the noise from the apartment complex. 

"At this point it appears the current approach is working and a separate ordinance is not warranted," Martin wrote. 

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  1. Hi I live in one of the apartment I have lived here for about 4 or 5 years and I do have to say this was a great article But next time maybe you should of ask someone who lived here just to get all the fact straight But there is all ways next time its only going to get better but yes it was a great article thank you so much have a great day.:)