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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Highlands Middle School SBDMC Names New Principal

Michael Howton. Provided. 
The Highlands Middle School School-Based Decision-Making Council (SBDMC) unanimously selected Michael Howton as principal of Highlands Middle School. Howton is presently principal at Mt. Healthy Junior/Senior High School.

Howton earned his bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Northern Kentucky University and master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of Cincinnati.

Beginning his educational career as a social studies teacher at Campbell County High School, Howton advanced to the position of assistant principal.  After six years at Campbell County, Howton moved to Ohio where he held the position of assistant principal and principal in schools with student populations in grades 6-12.

The SBDM Council members were very impressed with Howton and the experience he brings. Council member and teacher Rick Rafferty said, “Michael Howton is the right person to lead Highlands Middle School toward our goal of providing a world-class educational experience for all students. He is an experienced leader who cares about every student.  In addition, he is an innovator with an extensive skill set and the ability to help each teacher become more effective. Highlands Middle School has made significant strides in the past few years and, under the leadership of Mr. Howton, we are poised to take the next steps.”

Superintendent Gene Kirchner stated, “We are extremely excited to welcome Michael Howton to the Fort Thomas community as the next principal of Highlands Middle School. He is an exceptional instructional leader with a proven track record of success at both the middle and high school levels. The SBDM Council members are to be commended for their commitment to the pursuit of excellence at HMS. I am very confident that under Michael Howton’s leadership, that is exactly the outcome that will be achieved.”   
“I feel incredibly grateful to be chosen to lead Highlands Middle School and work within a learning community dedicated to the success of students. Throughout the hiring process, I have been continually impressed with and inspired by the district's mission to provide each and every student with a world-class education. That mission was apparent in each discussion, each meeting and in every visit to the Fort Thomas Independent School District,” stated Howton.

“I recognize the tradition of educational excellence that exists at Highlands Middle School and plan to continue working alongside faculty to build upon that excellence and provide students with learning experiences that are relevant, challenging and rewarding. I would like to thank the SBDM Council and Superintendent Gene Kirchner for selecting me. Together, we are going to do great things.” 

Howton succeeds Principal Mark Goetz who will retire effective June 30, 2015.

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  1. HEY FB "FRIENDS": I am here to conffess that I snapped to judgment on this hire WITHOUT first doing my homework. When it comes to public policy, we are all either uninformed or misiinformed until we make the effort to better inform ourselves. By way of encouragement from a couple of trusted colleagues, I am now better informed and prepared to rethink my assessment of this hire. My original concern was that Mr. Howton was not coming from a high performing district like Fort Thomas. The fact of the matter is, MOST districts are not like Fort Thomas, making the pool of strong candidattes willing to leave a district like Fort Thomas few and far between. Although that high performing background worked out well when we were fortunate enough to hire Jon Stratton from Pikeville Independent, we have other examples in the District, all over the District, where we have brought sharp professionals into the District from a variety of background experiences. In each case, experience coming at the common business of working to have students achieve their personal best potential, wherever they are on their academic journey, has paid our students and our District creative and highly valued advances which we might not have otherwise achieved. In working toward our students achieving their best, our administrators have likewose grown and achieved their potential by way of the experience. By trusted accounts, Michael Howton brings a sharp, driven, articulate and engaging administrative work ethic to HMS, while also bringing an organic, home-grown, authentic sensitivity to reaching out to students, wherever they are on their academic progression, and working on a daily basis to take the tangible steps necessary to have each and every student achieve their personal best potential. Welcome to HMS, to the Fort Thomas District and to the broader Fort Thomas Community. It's ALWAYS a GREAT DAY to be a BlueBird!