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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

'Nothing Sissy' About Pilates and TRX at Fit Philosophie

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What do Tiger Woods (professional golfer), Curt Shilling (MLB pitcher), and Jason Kidd (NBA basketball player) have in common? The same thing as Fort Thomas’ Fit Philosophie clients Raido Kudre and Jim Goehle. Pilates is what keeps them limber and strong.

Pilates and TRX (a training method that uses portable suspension equipment), are often thought of as classes for women. These training methods, however, were both created by men, said Fit Philosophie’s owner Jennifer Lynn.

“Initially the inventor (of Pilates) would go to the hospitals and visit wounded soldiers,” she said. “It started by building the apparatus around the bed of soldiers. Then he became more famous for working with ballet dancers. In modern times, it has become more of a fitness staple.”

Knowing this background of Pilates may make men more comfortable using the equipment and training method. Similarly, TRX and spinning were also created for high-level workouts, Lynn said.

“Spinning, TRX and pilates were all invented by men. TRX was invented by a Navy SEAL so that soldiers with no equipment could have something to train with when they were out in the field. Spinning was created by a cyclist who had a lot of high-level athletes that he was trying to figure out how to better train indoors.”

Raido Kudre has been a member at Fit Philosophie since this January, and said that he started slowly with Pilates and TRX and has been pleased with the results he has seen. He had never done Pilates before, and didn’t know what to think about Pilates, but said he was very impressed.

“It was amazing. I was very surprised in a good way,” he said. “I improved in so many ways. I lost a lot of weight, I lost almost 35 pounds.”

The Pilates and TRX have helped him to feel better overall, he said.

“I can tell I am stronger, and I can keep up in the class. I have a lot more energy and am feeling good.”

The same goes for Jim Goehle, a 1 and a half year member of Fit Philosophie.

“It’s been life-changing for me in a way,” Goehle said.

 He said that his wife “conned” him into going as a Christmas present, and had no idea what he was about to do. The training has proven successful in a few different areas of Goehle’s life.

“The best thing is, for example, we travel a lot and (after doing Pilates) your balance is better. When you walk off the plane, you don’t have the aches and pains,” he said. “The main thing is that we tend to get comfortable in the areas that we use and what Pilates does is makes you use some parts of your body that you don’t usually use.”

He said that the groups of people that meet and do Pilates and TRX together also add to the enjoyment of training. He said that all age ranges are able to do the training sessions.

“Go take a private lesson if you’re scared to be in front of people and see what you think. There’s nothing sissy about it, that’s for sure.”

If you are interested in trying a session of TRX or Pilates, Fit Philosophie offers your first class for free. To set up a session, contact Jennifer Lynn via text, phone call or email.


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