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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Reflecting on Memorial Day

By Wil Schroder 
State Sen. Wil Schroder. Provided. 

The phrase “thank you” is used many times a day and is sometimes used with little thought.  We say “thank you” to the bagger at the grocery store or “thank you” to the person that holds the door open for us as we walk into work in the morning.  Other times, we use the same two words to express our gratitude for something of much more significance.

Recently, I was asked to be the key-note speaker at a reunion for the veterans that made up the 501 Parachute Infantry Regiment in WWII.  The feats of these brave men have become legendary and have been written about and even detailed in films and movies.  While I was excited and honored to accept, I was also a little nervous.  While I do not mind public speaking, the thought of trying to articulate to a group of men who gave their all to their Country, and lost some of their best friends along the way, is intimidating.  What can I say or do that truly reflects my appreciation for the sacrifice made by our men and women in the military? It seems that sometimes our English language does not have a term to express one’s true feelings of thankfulness.

As a member of Kentucky’s Legislature, I often reflect on the fact that our Commonwealth and Nation would not be possible without their commitment and sacrifice.  It is not lost on me that the lives lost in service to the U.S. were given to ensure that our government remains “of the people, by the people, and for the people” as President Lincoln said.

This Memorial Day, as you enjoy family barbecues, friends and loved ones, take a few moments to think about the price paid for our freedoms and liberties by millions since the foundation of this great Nation.  Also, try to articulate your gratitude to a veteran, even if it is by simply saying “thank you.”

Note:  Senator Wil Schroder represents District 24 comprised of Bracken, Campbell, and Pendleton Counties. Sen. Schroder is Chair of the Budget Review Subcommittee on Justice & Judiciary, and is also the Vice Chair of the Judiciary Committee, and is a member of Appropriations & revenue as well as Economic Development, Tourism, & Labor Committees.

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