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Monday, May 18, 2015

Teri Foltz has play accepted into New York Theatre Festival

Former Highlands High School teacher and current playwright Teri Foltz has had one of her works accepted into a New York theatre festival.

Laura Petracco, from Camera Behind the Curtain, sat down with Foltz and the actors from the two-character play to get an in-depth look at what went into writing and preparing for their trip to New York for the festival.

Set solely in a laundromat, The Off Chance, is a 10-minute play about two strangers
that meet unexpectedly and quickly get to know each other over newspaper horoscopes.

They eventually discover a bond between them that they created, unintentionally, in the past.  Their future is unknown, but love is a sure possibility.

The Off Chance was accepted into the Short Play Lab, which is associated with the
16th Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York.

Foltz submitted her play (all plays must be 10 minutes or shorter for this category) and was soon notified that it had been accepted and she was invited to bring a production of it to New York City in May.

Melissa Keller and Chris Payne were chosen as the two actors for the play. They both were previously seen in another one of Foltz’s shows, The Faculty Lounge, which debuted at the Carnegie in Covington.  The play will be performed May 23 in the evening and again on Sunday May 24 in the afternoon in New York in front of a live audience who will determine the best play for a monetary prize. 

Foltz said she is hoping that this entry will open doors for the Midtown International Theatre Festival as well as other festivals in the future.

There will be a preview performance on May 20 at 7:30 PM at the Village Players in
Fort Thomas. 
Those in attendance will be able to see the play and then be able to give your suggestions or praises of the show.

This is your chance to be the theater critic you’ve always wanted to be!

Fort Thomas Matters will have a follow up article after the play to let you know how The Off Chance does in the Short Play Lab.

Video courtesy Camera Behind the Curtain

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