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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Crossfit SOTO - Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Plank Wars at CrossFit SOTO. There is a FREE community class every Saturday. 
CrossFit. The word immediately conjures images of muscle heads trying to lift Volkswagons. Or maybe you see acronyms being thrown around social media pages like a 2-year old with a bowl of alphabet soup.

At CrossFit SOTO (640 Alexandria Pike) those archetypes are quickly eschewed when you meet your instructors, who are also the owners of the gym.

Kim Luber and her two other business partners Jeff Baker and Marcus Repp, started doing CrossFit in Boone County when the "Crossfit bug" bit them. They like the lifestyle so much that they felt a gym in the Campbell County area could bring the community together to learn about this new fun way of working out.

You don’t have to be the fittest person to be able to do these workouts, according to Luber. When you come to CrossFit SOTO, she and her partners, and their staff ensure that every need and work out routine is specifically geared towards you.

“I’ve always been interested in fitness and once I got started in CrossFit I saw what a change it can make for people and how it can have a positive impact on people’s lives. I think it’s important to share with others that it’s for everyone and we can modify any workout to the clients liking,” said Luber.

To clarify, CrossFit is a high intensity functional movement work out program that uses multiple disciplines such as gymnastics, power lifting, and endurance events which come together in a high intensity setting which is where you get that, “bang for your buck” within an hour. That way you don’t have to spend hours at the gym and instead with a controlled quick work out you can get a lot done.

CrossFit SOTO has been around for two years and they’ve had 120 plus members come in since then, with at least a varied amount of new members each month. Members’ ages range from high school students to people in their early 30s.

The youth program is held on Saturdays and is geared towards high school students. With these types of workouts there is a level of maturity that is required. Parents receive information about the workouts from Luber that the workouts are age appropriate. At this gym you can’t put a limit on age. "Everyone is welcome!" said Luber.

People have many reasons to come and try CrossFit. Most of the members in Fort Thomas come to improve their fitness level and see tremendous progress. If you are new to CrossFit, progress comes quickly and there is a Four-Class "Elements" course to get started. It all starts with the basics. After the trainers determine your level of strength in the first month,  you will be repeatedly tested on those skills in the next two months.

Luber said because of the high intensity, clients see results quickly, which are posted on the community board in the gym.

“You see those numbers improve because you will know exactly how much you did the week before. It happens that fast it’s very rewarding and it motivates you to come back cause you see the fast results,” said Luber.

Every coach on staff at CrossFit SOTO is specially certified to coach and train Crossfit athletes.

Each client is provided a group workout class that has a set workout, warm up, and skills set so everyone is doing the same thing but the workout can be modify to the clients’ needs. “Everyone is doing the same thing, but you are doing it your way,” said Luber.

There are three different memberships when joining. If you are a full time student and provide proof of a class schedule, the membership is $75 per month. An unlimited membership is $95 per month. If you are worried about joining because of your work schedule or if you travel a lot there is even a membership for you. This membership is a punch card that allows 10 classes and costs $80 and is good for a year.

Other than the three memberships, if you want to try a class one time there is a drop in fee of $15 and classes on Saturdays at 9am are always free and open to the community.

CrossFit SOTO is a very community driven gym, which is something they strive for. “We are here for every athlete or non athlete your goals are our goals, we don’t have an agenda for the gym, our reputation is that you get to meet your goals,” said Luber.

One of the members at CrossFit SOTO, Oscar Pantoja, was a college athlete from the University of the Cumberlands. He said he wanted to join CrossFit SOTO the coaches helped provide him with the nutrition, tools, and that community base with making new friends. “You will hurt yourself if you do not listen to your coaches, they are there to help you,” said Pantoja. "That's what makes them different is they truly care about you and it's a community feeling."

You can reach CrossFit SOTO at (859) 441-7686 or on their website at

Crossfit SOTO. 

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