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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dogs to Frogs Pet Care - Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Kari Capek. Provided. Dogs to Frogs Pet Care is part of the #FTMFamily. 

By Hannah Condon 

Did you know that most people spend more time planning vacations than planning their retirement? Scouring the internet for hotel deals, coordinating travel or even googling what activities you want on your agenda takes a lot of time and effort.

A last minute detail that some overlook when vacation planning is who will take care of your four-legged (and sometimes eight-legged) friends? What if after planning all the intricate details of your vacation, you've left your pet in the care of someone else and when you returned, they weren't the same animal you left behind.

That’s what happened to Kari Capek and her dog, Cory, when she went on a two-week vacation. She left him in the care of a kennel and when she picked him up, what she saw upset her.

“He was emaciated to the skin and bone. He had dark tear ducts all around his eyes, and was not himself. It took him awhile to become himself again. I wanted to give other pet owners the option to just keep their animals at home to where the animals feel comfortable,” said Capek.

As a result, Dogs to Frogs Pet Care was created: an in-your-home, local pet care service that treats your animals like family.

Cory, an Italian-Chihuahua mix, is also the inspiration for the Dogs to Frogs logo.

Kari and Cory. 
Capek grew up in Taylor Mill and lived on a farm. She's interacted with all different types of animals and from her experience dealing with those animals, she then turned that passion into her business.

A self-described animal lover, Dogs to Frogs Pet Care, is truly her passion.  That passion and knowledge is what differentiates her from other places you can leave your pet with and in some instances, those traits have even saved a life.

Once while pet sitting a one-year old black lab, Capek said she was playing with the puppy and  then noticed a stark change in behavior that a kennel may not have seen. She took him to the vet immediately and ended up saving his life. The puppy had eaten a pair of the owner’s underwear that required emergency surgery.

Obviously that is not a normal day for Dogs to Frogs Pet Care.

Her daily duties consist of walking, feeding, administering medication, playing, and just giving all the attention that your pet needs or desires.

Pet owners know the feeling of leaving a fellow furry friend behind and wondering what to do with your pet while you’re away. "I strive to make sure you have the satisfaction of making sure your pet will be loved and cared for like you had never left the house in the first place," she said.  “By playing or feeding them, even though you are a stranger at first, it’s kind of like they have to get to know you and trust you first but that usually takes about day and then they are your best friends.” 

Dogs to Frogs Pet Care is licensed, bonded and insured to give owners a peace of mind since she is coming into your home.

Many people think of a pet care provider as someone who just cares for dogs and cats, but Capek truly opens up her services for anything from "dogs to frogs."

She has cared for chinchillas, spiders, birds. So what animal won't she watch? "Poisonous snakes," she said. "Although I have taken care of a tarantula before and even had to give it dust baths!" 

“Caring for animals is not what I do, it’s who I am,” said Capek.

You can reach Dogs to Frogs at 859-429-2PET or on their Facebook page here. 

Dogs to Frogs Pet Care is part of the #FTMFamily


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