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Friday, June 5, 2015

Highlands vs. Greenup County (State Semi Final) LIVE GAME THREAD
The state semifinal pits Highlands vs. Greenup County. reporter, G. Michael Graham is live in Lexington.

Big lineup change: Alex Veneman bats 2nd. Kenny Ball is the DH. Joseph Martin on the mound for the Birds.

Kyle Gammon - 2B
Brody Shoupe - C
Gage Hughes - SS
Jared Hunt (CF) - CF
Tristan Downing - 1B
Christian Wireman - DH
Jaxson Wireman - 3B
Zach Hayden - LF
Isaiah Greene - RF
Ethan Coldiron - P

Brady Murray - LF
Alex Veneman - CF
Todd Ramey - 3B
Jake Whitford - SS
DJ Mills - 1B
Joseph Martin - P
Luke Hennigan - C
Kenny Ball - DH
Grayson Heck - 2B
Conner Kreeger - RF

Greenup Co (GC from here on out) DOES have a win over defending state champ, Louisville St. X (3-1) on May 9. The Musketeers have won 15 straight. Last loss was May 2 to Nitro (West Virginia) 2-0.

Birds have won 14 in a row and are home team.

Top 1st
Kyle Gammon reaches on an error to lead off the game for GC. But Joseph Martin makes a quick pick off to DJ Mills to erase him immediately.

Martin strikes out Brody Shoupe, then a walk to Gage Hughes, who steals 2nd.

Martin with his second strikeout of the game, this one against Jared Hunt. No damage heading to Birds half of the 1st.

Bottom 1st
2 quick outs as Brady Murray and Alex Veneman hit lazy fly balls.

Todd Ramey, hitting .521 with 11 homers, hit by pitch. Jake Whitford grounds out to SS. No hits, no score.

GC 0-0-0
HHS 0-0-1

Top 2nd
Good play by Whitford behind 2b bag. 1 out.

Martin running into some control issues. Walks 2 in a row, Wireman and Keaton. Runners on 1st and 2nd, 1 out. Baioni out to talk to infield.

Bunt with 2 strikes goes foul. 2 outs.

Another bunt attempt and Ramey makes a good play to end the threat.

GC 0-0-0
HHS 0-0-1

Bottom 2nd 
DJ Mills with a sharp single to right. Leadoff man on.

Sac bunt by Martin moves Mills to scoring position. 1 out.

Luke Hennigan with a walk on a 3-1 count. Kenny Ball (.386) up with 2 on, 1 out. GC coaches out to talk to their pitcher.

Base hit by ball. They hold up Mills at third. Bases juiced for Grayson Heck.

Sharp hit to 2B, error! Mills scores. If fielded cleanly, could be an easy double play. Birds up 1-0, bases still loaded, 1 out.

Bradley Greene scores after Brady Murray walks. Birds up 2-0! New pitcher in for GC. Jackson Keeton. Keeton is their ace.

Veneman fly ball but not deep enough to score ball. Todd Ramey up next.

Ramey smack it to the warning track. Just misses a grand slam. A normal high school ballpark wouldn't have held it.

GC 0-0-1
HHS 2-2-1

Top 3rd
Joseph Martin strikes out leadoff guy, Gammon. #4 on the day.

Shoupe singles sharply over Whitford at short. First hit of the day for the Musketeers.

BIG TIME play by Grayson Heck after Hughes hits a rope. Shoupe moves to 2nd. 2 outs.

Ball gets away from Hennigan. Shoupe down to 3rd.

Martin with another strikeout to end the 3rd. 5th of the day!

GC 0-1-1
HHS 2-2-1

Bottom 3rd
Base hit by Whitford, line drive to RF. Leadoff man on.

DJ Mills fielders choice. Whitford to second. 1 out.

Whitford heads up base running moves him to third on a passed ball.

Martin works a walk. New pitching coming in for GC. Runners on 1st and 3rd. 1 out.

Zach Hayden (6-0, 2.71 ERA, 31 IP, 21 strikeouts) in to pitch.

Hennigan suicide squeeze, goes through glove of pitcher. Error on pitcher. Whitford scores. Martin moves to second. 3-0 Birds.

Runners advance to second and third as Ball grounds out to second.

Base hit by Grayson Heck! 2 score! 5-0 Birds!

Murray reaches on an error. 1st and 2nd. 2 out.

Ground out by Veneman.

HHS 5-4-1
GC 0-1-2

Top 4th
Lazy fly ball to Kreeger for out 1.

2 ground outs. GC goes quietly again.

HHS 5-4-1
GC 0-1-4

Bottom 4th
Ramey just gets beat at first on a  chopper to short. 1 out.

Lazy fly ball to RF by Whitford. 2 out.

Mills K's. Heads to 5th.

HHS 5-4-1
GC 0-1-4

Top 5th
Joseph Martin really settling in. Gets his 6th strike out of the day. 1 out.

Ground out to short, Mills nice scoop. 2 outs.

Called strike 3! 7 strikesouts for Martin and 8 outs in a row. 1-2-3 inning.

HHS 5-4-1
GC 0-1-4

Bottom 5th
Another leadoff man on as Martin singles up the middle.

Athletic 4-6-3 double play, off the bat for Luke Hennigan. 2 outs.

Ball ground out to third.

HHS 5-5-1
GC 0-1-4

Top 6th
Martin hits Shoupe. Lou Bunning and Mitchell Jones warming up.

Ground out to second, Shoupe advances to 2nd. 1 out.

Triple down the right field line, scores Shoupe by cleanup hitting Jared Hunt. 5-1 HHS. 1 out.

Ground out to second, scores Hunt from third. 5-2. Birds. 2 outs. None on.

Martin gets Wireman looking for his 8th strikeout.

HHS 5-5-1
GC 2-2-4

Bottom 6th
Hit by Hennigan gets under the third baseman's glove. Another leadoff man on. 4 leadoff hits in 6 innings for the Birds.

Murray strikes out swinging. One out.

Mark Walkenhorst on to hit for Veneman. Hits back to pitcher, who turns a 1-6-3 double play. 3 more outs for the Birds!

HHS 5-6-1
GC 2-2-4

Top 7th
Martin back out for the Birds.

Leadoff hitter gets on on a 1-2 strike by Keeton.

Collier Wireman hits for Hayden.

Conner Kreeger with a nice running catch in right. 1 out.

Brady Holbrook is the second pinch hitter of the inning.

Murray makes a running grab by the wall. GREAT play. 2 outs!

Martin makes the catch! Wins his 4th of the year.

Martin with a complete game, 3 hitter. BIRDS GO TO THE FINALS!

HHS 5-6-1
GC 2-3-4

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