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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Highlands vs. McCracken County LIVE GAME THREAD

The Birds take on number 1, McCracken County in Lexington at Whitaker Bank Field. The Birds game was to be played last night at 8:30 p.m., but was rained out. The game started at 10 a.m. today. reporter, G. Michael Graham is LIVE in Lexington. The Mustangs have four Division I prospects and a team ERA close to 1.

Top 1st inning:
Todd Ramey with a double with 2 outs. First hit for the birds.

Bottom 1st inning:
Mitchell Jones on the hill for the Birds gets the Mustangs to go down 1-2-3. No score after 1.

Top 2nd inning:
Donnie Mills with a lead off base knock, which is quickly ended by a double play. No score as we head to the bottom of 2.

Bottom 2nd inning:
Birds pitcher Mitchell Jones has it going! 4 strikeouts in a row. No score heading to top of 3.

Top 3rd inning:
Alex Veneman singles with one out for Highlands in the top of the third. Speed on the base paths.
Veneman caught stealing. HHS can't take advantage of another hit. No score.

Bottom 3rd inning:
Derek Schneider singles to open Mustangs third. Jones strikes out Pope Reid for his 5th of the game. Man on 1st, one out.

Ryan Garner doubles just inside right field corner to give Mustangs a 2-0 advantage.

That's all they'll get.

Mustangs 2-3-0
Bluebirds 0-3-1

Top 4th inning:
Conner Kreeger leads off fourth with sharp single to right.
That's it though, as the Birds are having a tough time getting anything going against McCracken County's Womack.

Mustangs 2-3-0
Bluebirds 0-4-1

Bottom 4th innings:
Great inning for Mitchell Jones as McCracken County goes in order.

Mustangs 2-3-0
Bluebirds 0-4-1

Top 5th inning:
Joe Martin singles to lead off the fifth for the Birds.

Luke Hennigan gets hit by pitch. Pinch runner Brad Greene to second. Kyle Rust to run for Hennigan. 2 men on, 2 outs.

Birds ON THE BOARD. Grayson Heck lays down a bunt and a throwing error at first allows Greene to score. Runners on corners, no outs!

Veneman grounds out to move Heck to second. Runners on 2B and 3B, 1 out.

TIE GAME! Rust beats throw home from second base. 2-2! Still just one out.

BIRDS ON TOP! Kreeger successful squeeze scores Heck. Highlands up 3-2 with one out. Runners on first and second. Baioni pressing all the right buttons. Speeds kills!

Todd Ramey with a great at bat against Womack right now.

Brady Murray steals third. One out.

Birds on a roll now. GREAT battle by Ramey ends with a double down the line to left. Murray scores, but Kreeger nailed at home. 2 outs, man on second. Birds lead 4-2.

Mustangs 2-3-1
Bluebirds 4-6-1

Bottom 5th inning:
Pope Reid hit by pitch. One out after line-out to Heck at second.

Jones with his 6th strikeout. 2 outs.

Jones gets Ryan Garner to ground out to end the 5th.

Mustangs 2-3-1
Bluebirds 4-6-1

Top 6th inning:
Keegan Breese now pitching for McCracken County.

Joseph Martin with a single with one out.

Wild pitch has Martin at second with Hennigan up.

Pinch hitter, Kenny Ball works a walk.

Highlands put 2 on, but can't score. Still lead 4-2. Jones heading out to mound for Birds.

Mustangs 2-3-1
Bluebirds 4-7-1

Bottom 6th inning:
Brady Murray makes a nice catch for the first out in the 6th. 5 outs to go for the Birds.

Mitchell Jones with with 7th strikeout infield single! PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA!

Ricky Raisor coming in to relieve Mitchell Jones who leaves after giving up 2 runs on 5 hits. Great effort. Still two outs, two on for McCracken.

Walk after a full count. Loads bases. 2 outs.

Raiser gets Pope Reid to ground out to Whitford at shortstop.

Mustangs 2-4-3
Bluebirds 4-7-2

Top 7th inning:
2 quick ground outs to start the 7th for the Birds.

Todd Ramey triples in right with 2 out. Birds looking for insurance.

Jake Whitford singles to right to score Ramey. Birds up 5-2.

3 more outs. Win could be potentially the biggest in school history.

Mustangs 2-3-3
Bluebirds 5-9-3

Bottom 7th inning:
Raisor strikes out leadoff man, Cole Womack to start inning. 8th of the game for the Birds pitchers.
Raisor gets Daniel Seitzinger to ground out to first. One more out.
BALLGAME! Raisor gets Garner swinging!

Mustangs 2-3-3
Bluebirds 5-9-3


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  3. So happy for the Birds!