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Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to Plant Knockout Roses

By Jill Fessler 
Photo by Jill Fessler 

If you are interested in adding bright color to your landscape, consider planting knock-out roses.

Unlike traditional roses, they are an easy care shrub rose with more frequent re-blooming.  They are resistant to black spots and mildew and they are also resistant to Japanese beetles.  They are easy to grow, disease and pest resistant and do not require dead-heading after blooming.  Prune only in the Spring. They produce blooms from spring to fall adding bright color to your landscape.

For best display, plant them in a group of three or five plants.  They are available in several colors:  Red, Sunny Yellow, Pink, Blushing Pale Pink and Rainbow (coral-pink).  The red and pink have a double blooming variety displaying even more color.

They grow in either full sun or partial shade.  It is best to plant them in an area that receives six hours of full sun.  Purchase 3 gallon containers to get a fully established plant.  If winter freezes the top growth, they will grow back in the spring.

Brighten your landscape with the beautiful colors of knock-out roses and be the envy of your neighborhood

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