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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Division Overhead Door

Old business adopts new advertising technique
Garage door painted by Babcock. Photo courtesy of Division Overhead Door, Inc.
Don’t let the fact that they are the oldest commercial overhead door company in the Tri-State area fool you. Division Overhead Door, Inc., located on Dellway Street in Cincinnati, may be one of the oldest, but their advertising techniques are modern.

If you’ve driven from Ohio into Kentucky via I-71 South in the last year, you’ll notice their bold logo across their wall. In graffiti.

The idea to graffiti the building was an idea stemmed from what was originally illegal graffiti. Julie Aseere, who works at Division Overhead Door Inc., said that the wall had been a hot spot for people to paint because of its visibility from the highway.

“We had a hard time with that wall,” she said. “We actually wanted to advertise there, but we were constantly getting graffitied. So we didn’t want to put any expense into that wall.”

Aseere said that the company was contacted two years ago by a man who was starting a motivational campaign for young people called “Be Somebody.”

He asked if he could use the space on the wall to spread the word, and Aseere said that she thought it was a positive use of the space, and agreed to six months of “#besomebody” painted on the wall.

Dan Babcock was a part of the campaign and said that they painted the message all over the world to promote it. Babcock, who lives in Cincinnati, painted the wall on the expressway. While he was at painting the wall, Aseere asked him to paint Division Overhead Door on a garage door next to the wall (pictured above and on the company website).

After a year of “#besomebody” on the wall, Aseere contacted Babcock to transform the wall to become a Division Overhead Door logo.

Babcock, who is a local artist and is the founder of the company Higher Level Art, painted the logo that is now on the wall.

“It’s a perfect wall for signage,” he said. “We wanted to give it that professional touch, but at the same time, it’s got street cred as an actual location. It was nice to do something that people would respect on a graffiti level as well as a commercial level.”

Since the logo was painted on the visible wall, there has been no problem with graffiti over it. Part of this, said Aseere and Babcock, is because there is a level of respect among graffiti artists. Babcock said that he has done both professional and illegal graffiti, and has the experience in both to make sure he produces quality art from both angles.

"That's a general philosophy," he said. "Of course there is an exception to every rule. In general, even at the lowest level of amateur graffiti, people respect quality. The signs i do i try to put enough flavor and flare into it that it's rooted into something that has some action, but at the same time is commercially valid because it's clean and legible."

The unique advertisement isn't the only thing that sets Division Overhead Doors apart from other companies. Their family-owned operation allows for great service whether for commercial or residential clients.

"We are family owned and operated," Aseere said. "We are mostly commercial, but we also do residential. The bigger you are, sometimes the harder the service is (to deliver). We are a small family-owned company, and we really provide good service. We do things that other companies don't do."

That proof is tangible on the wall.

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