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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Outpost Women's Ministry of NKY to Host Heroin Epidemic Forum at Highland Hill Baptist Church

There will be an important meeting in Fort Thomas to address the heroin epidemic in Northern Kentucky but to also obtain support from all agencies to create a long term Christian-based treatment program in Northern Kentucky.

The meeting will take place at the Highland Hills Baptist Church at 7 p.m. on June 15.

Organizer Nickie Hornsby said there is not such a program in Northern Kentucky and the heroin problem has not been curtailed by existing programs.

This meeting is being produced by the Outpost Women's Ministry of Northern Kentucky.

Many different agencies have been invited such as government officials which include Representatives, Prosecutors and Judges, police departments from Northern Kentucky, Pastors, medical and treatment facilities, school personnel and other reporters from news stations and newspapers.

A panel of individuals who support this vision have been comprised to give a brief statement of what they want to do differently,  and then be available to answer questions from the audience.

The forum includes:
  •  Wil Schroeder - Representative
  • Ashel Kruetzkamp - St. Elizabeth Medical Center
  • Mike Kalpas - Physician, Addiction Specialist
  • Detective Philip Ridgell - Boone Co. Sheriff
  • Steve Franzen - Campbell Co. Attorney
  • Pastor Craig Moore - Christ Chapel
  • Jenny Woodruff - Parent

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