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Thursday, June 11, 2015

St. Thomas Hosts Ecuadorian Students

By Kristen Schnell 

St. Thomas brought a piece of Ecuador to Fort Thomas through their Global Education Program.  For the past two weeks, ten St. Thomas families hosted nine Ecuadorian students and their chaperones.

The Ecuadorians are from Salinas Ecuador, where they attend Jefferson School and range from grades 6-8.  The students spent the past two weeks learning and experiencing life throughout Kentucky and Downtown Cincinnati.  They visited a variety of historical sites such as The Kentucky Horse Park, The Museum Center, Nature Center, Freedom Center, the Cincinnati Zoo, and they even learned how we make Maple Syrup here in Kentucky!

The students of St. Thomas learned a lot about the students of Ecuador and their culture.  They learned that they love pizza, they don’t have sleepovers in Ecuador, they play the same sports we do, and they go to the beach every day - we were jealous!

In return, the students of Jefferson School in Ecuador experienced life in our culture and learned a lot from us.  They made new friends, tried new food, went shopping, and experienced life in the United States.  They got to experience the typical American classroom and visited with each classroom twice.

Last week we said our farewells to our Ecuadorian friends with a elaborate closing ceremony.  Ecuadorian students and the eldest sibling of their host families stood up and told everyone what they learned and what they enjoyed the most about hosting, or visiting.  The celebration ended with a cultural dance performed by the Ecuadorians.

We feel so fortunate to have spent these past two weeks making new friends and getting to know all about Ecuador and their customs.

Four of our local Fort Thomas Families participated and hosted an Ecuadorian student in their homes. Our other host families are from the east row historic district down in Newport.

From Fort Thomas:
Naberhaus - Riverside Parkway
Sheets – Linden Court
Wehby – Pentland
Halbauer – Henry

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