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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Pub and Southern Smoke BBQ Serving Up Something a Little Spookier

“Bobby Mackey’s has nothing on the Pub.”

The Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky broke this to Megan (Arnzen) Krieg, who is part of the Arnzen family, the owners of the Fort Thomas Pub.

A paranormal investigation of The Pub came after the decision to renovate the top floor of the building of the Pub and Southern Smoke BBQ. Krieg, a self-proclaimed Facebook-picture-posting-fanatic, snapped a photo of the contractor while he was showing her and her brother, Nate Arnzen, the progress.

“I take so many pictures, and I didn’t even catch it until later on when I was going to post it,” she said.

The picture, posted below, shows the contractor in the demolished space. With a severed head.

After noticing the creepy picture before posting it, Krieg and the Arnzen family contacted Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky (referred to as PINK), to do a full investigation of the building.

PINK will be releasing all the details of their investigation on July 8, which will be open to the public with the date and time to be announced.

Paranormal investigator Mike Palmer released some exclusive details to Fort Thomas Matters before the public release.

PINK visited the Pub on a Sunday night, to work around The Pub’s open-seven-days-a-week schedule, and found “a lot of activity” according to Palmer.

“There is a voice…that we all heard,” he said. “We caught it on audio. We definitely have some female voices and one very select male voice.”

PINK is a nonprofit organization registered by the state. It is a team comprised of 16 investigators on staff, and August marks their 10th year as an organization.

In his time with PINK, Palmer said that he has never seen anything like the picture that Krieg captured.

“I’ve heard of it happening in a haunted location where somebody will snap a picture and have a strange camera malfunction,” Palmer said. “Sometimes these entities can interact with our everyday devices and cause small malfunctions. Some of the batteries that they runn off of are kind of an energy source for them. So while they’re attempting to get what they want out of them, they cause these little malfunctions.”

But don’t let this information scare you away from a night of drinks and BBQ at The Pub. PINK revealed to Krieg that the energies in the building are, in fact, positive.

“Bobby Mackey’s has a presence, but kind of a negative one, whereas The Pub presence (is more positive), with it being right across from the Fort during the war,” Krieg said. "So many young women lived upstairs…communally. They all shared this bathroom with a claw-foot tub, which is now in the basement and that’s where so many of the voices, names and stories are coming from. We have more of a positive energy going on.”

Stay tuned to FTM for more details about PINK’s Pub reveal on July 8th. Palmer said it’s not to be missed.

“I think everybody’s going to very surprised and see that there is still some history hanging around there.”

For more information about PINK and their investigations, and to see what they have planned for their 10 year anniversary, visit their website and Facebook page HERE.

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