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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beacon Landscape Lighting - Lighting Up Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Beacon Landscape Lighting is part of the #FTMFamily 
Joe Orrender's life work is to "shed light on beautiful things"—quite literally.

The owner of Beacon Landscape Lighting and a Fort Thomas resident for more than 25 years, Orrender initially played around with outdoor lighting as a hobby. "I always enjoyed it a lot because of the difference it can make to property value and appearance," he says.

About 11 years ago Orrender decided to design and install landscape lighting full time, as an affiliate of a franchise. But this spring he broke away from the franchise and changed the name to Beacon Landscape Lighting. "Our new company is 100 percent locally owned and operated, which allows me to control the product quality and service levels that are so important to me," Orrender says.

Orrender knew, though, that he simply couldn't change his name, he also need a new website and company brand.

Enter Chris Simpson and Jason Caudill at Nameless, a local, client-centered company focusing on brand identity. "Many people think that means we just create logos, but brand identity is so much more; it's everything your clients see—the look, feel and experience the company or organization provides its clients. ... Joe wanted his new identity to reflect what his company does—shed light on beautiful things," Simpson and Caudill say. "We were happy to help him with that."

The Nameless duo sat down with Orrender, and talked about his company, its history and Orrender's plans for the future. "Once we felt we had a solid understanding of his vision, we went to the studio and created several different logo solutions," Simpson and Caudill say. "Joe was great—he was very open-minded to our ideas, but also communicative about the things he didn't like. After a few rounds of design tweaks, we arrived at a great logo solution. From there, we created his business collateral, and postcards announcing the new brand identity. We designed truck and van signage, as well as yard signs, in collaboration with JaMar Signs, and of course we created a responsive website for desktop and mobile viewing."

But perhaps Orrender's best method of advertisement is the work he's done around Fort Thomas. "I love to design lighting systems because they are all different," Orrender says. "Sometimes less is more with lighting—it completely depends on the structure and/or landscaping that we are working with." 

Notable Fort Thomas projects include front lighting designs for the two adjacent buildings as well as three areas of roof and second-level lighting on both buildings of Highland Hills Baptist Church in Fort Thomas. Orrender also installed lighting to highlight the side pond/garden area and the center courtyard area between the buildings.

Beacon Landscape Lighting installation at Highland Hills Baptist Church in Fort Thomas.

Orrender took into consideration the retro/modern architecture of Dr. Jeri Stull Orthodontics' building. "The design includes the left side and the front of the building, as well as selected aspects of the landscaping," Orrender says.

The age and architecture of the Pendery Insurance and Risk Management made for a fun design, Orrender says. "It includes a lighting design for the front and right side of the building, highlighting selected sections of the building as well as illuminating both the second and third levels of the building."

And Orrender just recently completed lighting design and installation at Dobbling, Muehlenkamp-Erschell Funeral Homes Inc. "We first removed the old high-voltage lighting and then installed our solid-brass, low-voltage LED system to complete the new lighting design," Orrender says. "The design includes the front of the building and the second level roof area, as well as the front sign and trees."

Orrender also specializes in private residences:

It's fitting that Orrender has lit up so much of Fort Thomas, the town he's long called home. Orrender's wife, Karen, grew up in Fort Thomas and currently works at Woodfill Elementary. Joe grew up in Louisville, and the couple met at college—Eastern Kentucky University. "We traveled around for my job—Richmond, Atlanta, etc.—but she always wanted to come home so we eventually did shortly after our two girls, Ravin and Haley, were born," Orrender says. "Once the roots started growing, there was no leaving Fort Thomas. ... I love it here."

When not lighting up the city, Orrender says he enjoys spending time with Karen, his girls and his grandchildren. Haley Bathiany and her husband Bert have two children, and Ravin Arnold and her husband Jason have three. "If I actually had time for a hobby it would be fishing," Orrender says.

But these days Orrender is simply doing what he's longed to do—shedding light on beautiful things, as his own boss, with his own company, new name and all.

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