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Friday, July 10, 2015

BREAKING: SWAT Situation Unfolding in Alexandria, Kentucky

FTM file. 
UPDATE: 10:51 p.m. Man is found dead in home from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Man had fired shots at police. We will have more updates as more details roll in.
UPDATE: 10: 36 p.m. Police saying barricade situation resolved. Police to brief media soon.
UPDATE: 10:32 p.m. Police set off two flash bangs in home.
UPDATE: 10:17 p.m. Police are telling residents they are planning to be on scene throughout the night.
UPDATE: 8:55 p.m. The other person involved in the "domestic situation" was not in the home when police arrived.

SWAT and area police units were called to the Brookwood Subdivision in Alexandria, Kentucky around 6:00 p.m. Friday night for what police is calling a "barricade situation."

Police have surrounded a house and roads into the subdivision have been blocked off. According to sources on the scene, SWAT members are zeroed in on a man that has allegedly barricaded himself in the home. Authorities responded to a domestic situation at the home.

Neighbors received an automated response from authorities ordering neighbors to stay inside and away from windows.
FTM file. 

Neighbors describe hearing multiple shots being fired. Kayla Armstrong, who lives in the 300 block of Brookwood Drive where the standoff is active said that neighbors are frantically sharing information via text and Facebook.

"I saw a couple SWAT members walking down the street and a large part of the road was blocked off from both ends for a while," she said. "Our neighbors are saying that the guy is barricading himself in the house and is and holding someone hostage. Apparently he shot and killed a dog."

Information on the hostage and dog were not readily made available and could not be confirmed by police at the time of this report.

Spotlights are being brought in to light the house and according to a source on the scene, law enforcement is preparing to hunker down for the night while they attempt to contact the man.

FTM will update this situation as more information becomes available.

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