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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Car Theft Thwarted by Vigilant Resident, Quick Fort Thomas Police Response

Via Campbell County Detention Center. 

Riverview Avenue in Fort Thomas has had an eventful couple days. Yesterday a large trees was uprooted on the street, buckling the sidewalk around it and falling on a home. Video. 

Earlier that morning, two would be burglars were thwarted thanks to a vigilant resident and the quick response by Officer Adam Peak of the Fort Thomas Police.

Justin Cain (20 - Newport) and Allen Clark (18 - Bellevue) were booked into the Campbell County Detention Center Tuesday morning and charged with receiving stolen property (less than $10,000) - a misdemeanor.

According to the resident who made the call to police, he was awake in the early morning hours when he noticed a car driving slowly down the street. He watched as one of the alleged burglars brazenly walked up and down the street checking to see if cars were unlocked. The residents said that the other alleged burglar sat in the car and waiting for his accomplice.

He saw them get into one car and rifle through looking for merchandise. According to the witness he then called police and within five minutes, the two men were apprehended and he was giving a statement of what he had seen.

According to Fort Thomas Police Lt. Rich Whitford, the resident did exactly the right thing. "This is what we want. Too many times after we write a report we hear from residents that they didn't call police because they didn't want to bother us. We want these types of calls and in this instance it lead to an immediate arrest," he said. "Please, if you see something out of the ordinary, call us."

The resident who called the burglary in said the two alleged criminals were driving a late-model dark SUV.

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