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Monday, July 20, 2015

Fort Thomas Central - Fort Thomas, Kentucky

By Hannah Condon 
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When owning your own boutique the most interesting experience is to see how your store evolves. “It’s like a guessing game,” said Barb Thomas, owner of Fort Thomas Central.

According to Thomas, you need to know your demographics and what they like. Thomas has done a lot of research over the last two years the boutique has been open to make sure her clientele is an unique shopping experience.

Thomas recently returned from Atlanta where she attended a convention to look for new lines for the store. She has been to other conventions as well in New York, but Atlanta is a better fit for the boutiques demographic. Thomas will be introducing three new lines to the boutique from her recent trip to Atlanta.

Thomas opened Fort Thomas Central June of 2013. Thomas has a fifteen-year background with marketing, sales, events, and interior decorating. She moved from South Carolina, settled down and had a family and wanted to go back to work but not in the corporate world. She wanted to put her skills to good use that is why she wanted to open up a boutique. She thought Fort Thomas was the perfect place.

Sally Race is a repeat customer for Fort Thomas Central, “Her shop reminds me of a boutique you’d find in a larger city but with more reasonable prices," said Race.

Whatever you may be looking for, Fort Thomas Central has it. Products ranging from wedding gifts, baby showers gifts, and jewelry to local artisan pieces. They offer products for all ages. Thomas said that they keep a 75/25 ratio of nationally sourced product lines to local and regional artists and artisans.  "I like to try to stay as local as possible," she said.

“She has many unique and locally supplied high quality items. She makes it easy to shop local,” said Race.
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The three new lines she is bring back to Fort Thomas from Atlanta are doing very well nationally. There are Jenny Kraus (purses), John Wind (jewelry) and Blenko Glass.

Kraus has a line of colorful purses, belts and cosmetic bags that are all hand made. Wind has classic vintage jewelry with a modern twist.  Every girl loves accessories so these two lines are sure to be a hit!

Blenko Glass is an Ohio based company that was founded in the early 1900’s. Blenko glass makes old fashion water pitchers that sit by your bedside. They are available in various colors and sizes. “Just bringing in the history and going back to the local region is a nice connection to use for wedding presents, house warming presents, or even you own d├ęcor,” said Thomas.

Fort Thomas Central is also adding three new clothing lines: Urban Mango, A'reve and Very J.

Fort Thomas Central offers several rewards programs for their customers. After your tenth purchase you will receive a $10 dollar coupon towards you next purchase. There is no dollar amount limit on your purchases.

Also throughout the year there is a Customer Appreciation Reward. You receive a free gift with a purchase. This is held every quarter and gifts vary. So keep an eye out for this event everyone loves free gifts!

Throughout the year you can shop at Fort Thomas Central in events around town and not just at their storefront. They will have merchandise every third Friday at the Art Around Town, which is a new event to Fort Thomas that Thomas helped create last year. It now features the entire Towne Centre District and runs June through September.

She will have a booth at Merchants and Music Festival on September 26th. So while you are waiting to see Bret Michaels make sure you stop by their booth. They are also participating in the Christmas Market at Duke Energy Convention Center, this three-day event that is in November and a great way to start your holiday shopping.

With the end of summer approaching, there is a big summer blowout sale. They are offering 50-75% off certain merchandise, including candles, clothing, jewelry and handbags and more. Come get your gifts while supplies last.

Make sure you visit  them out at these three events and you can also find out more information at (859) 609-6427, on their Facebook page called Fort Thomas Central, their website or at their location at 3 N Fort Thomas Ave. Fort Thomas, KY 41075.

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  1. Thank you! Finally some insight...I was never sure what this store was about. But it looks intriguing so I'll be in soon!