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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fort Thomas Knothole Teams Dominating

Fort Thomas Stars. 11U Class C Senior. 
Knothole Baseball has been around since1932.  This year, five Fort Thomas teams are completing tomorrow night in the finals and are guaranteed two champions.

FTM file. 
Greater Cincinnati Knothole has over 200 teams competing at each age level.  The league is down to the finals at each age level, each of which will feature a best of 3-game series between the top 2 teams in all of Greater Cincinnati.

Here are the Fort Thomas teams competing for their respective championship:

Class D Senior (9U) – Omega Rockets
Class C Junior (10U) – Ft. Thomas Bulls vs. Omega Tigers
Class C Senior (11U) – Ft. Thomas Stars vs. Pride Athletics

Fort Thomas is guaranteed at least 2 Knothole World Series Championships (C Junior and C Senior).  All of these teams (above) will be playing tonight in Blue Ash. Each game is a double header and starts 6:30 p.m.
Charlie Gorman. 


  1. Can we get an update on how these teams did on Thursday night?

    1. The Starts won the first game of the double header 6-5 over the Pride. The Pride won the second game 13-3. The deciding championship game is Saturday at 9:30 AM. Good luck to both teams; it is nice to see good quality competition. The future of Highlands baseball looks very bright!

    2. Who won this morning ?

    3. Stars won 7-4!

  2. What happened this morning in the final game ?

  3. Who won the final game ? Score ?

  4. Who won today ?