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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fort Thomas Named One of Top 10 Beautiful, Charming Small Towns in Kentucky

Inside the clock tower in the Towne Centre District. FTM file. 
Fort Thomas was named one of the most charming small towns in Kentucky by 

They came in at number 5. Here is their article:

Part of the draw to Kentucky is the quaint, beautiful towns where southern people live in more traditional ways. Of course, they still have the internet, but technology has not taken over like it has in some cities. You can still go in the local diner and order oversized portions of homemade goodies. People still sit outside and read the paper, and there are local activities to do either in town and nearby.

Here are 10 of the most charming towns in the Bluegrass State:

10. Midway
This charming spot in the Bluegrass is home to the Scottswood Bed and Breakfast. Visitors can get a home cooked meal and enjoy the calming influence of the small town feel.

9. Berea
This beautiful little town snuggled into the folds of Kentucky has some great places to visit. The rustic Doctor’s Inn and the Pinnacle View Inn both offer a comfortable stay and fantastic introduction to the community.

8. Burkesville
This small town is home to Dale Hollow Lake State Resort and Golf Course. Go from a delicious meal in a diner to some golfing, boating, swimming, fishing or activities. The stay and play plan is one of the most cost efficient.

7. Catlettsburg
This small town just gives you the feel of tradition and community as you stroll around the sidewalk. The town square has a great diner and plenty of local businesses.

6. Lexington
The Wildcat community is home to the estate of the renowned Henry Clay, and the Mary Todd Lincoln House. This town is filled with different historic sites. You can take a literal walk through Lexington’s memory lane.

5. Fort Thomas
This military community offers a small town feel that has parts safe enough to leave the doors unlocked at night. Not advising anyone to do that, but its just got that kind of feel.

4. Harrodsburg
This small town is near a Shaker Village, Bright Leaf Golf Resort and several nice hotels. It is also a small community with a traditional feel and a wonderful little place called the Beaumont Inn B&B.

3. Hodgenville
This is the birth place of Abraham and several historic landmarks are memorialized in his honor. This seemingly quiet town has some fantastic home cooking in a few country diners. Don’t miss an opportunity to indulge in some southern cooking.

2. Murray
This is a pleasant town with a circular downtown area. Here visitors can find some tasty homemade food and local shops. Murray has a country feel with plenty of conveniences.

1. Prospect
This traditional community with both farming and boating was in the top 10 places to live according to in 2014. It has lots of undeveloped land, along with plenty of history.

Never expect a sleepy little town to be completely boring. There is always something to do and enjoy with the locals. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these quaint communities, count your blessings. If not, please feel free to share your favorite small towns in the Bluegrass State.

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