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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Graffiti at Winkler Park Leads to Reward by Concerned Citizens in Fort Thomas

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In the early morning hours of Friday, July 10th graffiti was discovered on the dugouts at Winkler Park on Alexandria Pike near Woodfill Elementary. As a result, a group of concerned Fort Thomas residents have raised money as a reward to help find those responsible. The group has previously taken the trajectory of the softball program under their wing.

The reward is up to $350.

Vince Turner is part of the group to raise funds for the reward. Turner had a daughter on the softball team last year, "The group of people that raised the money all feel like it was someone that painted on their house. Many of the girls and their parents have worked so hard over the years to finally have a home field they can be proud of and the community can be proud of," said Turner. "This is disgraceful and we want to find those responsible."

In 2013, the project was built jointly between the City of Fort Thomas and Fort Thomas Independent Schools. The city provided $30,000 for the new softball complex and contributed construction labor and materials for new dugouts, restrooms, and concessions. The Highlands Athletic Boosters then agreed to repay that loan over the next five years.

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The Birdcage, as its affectionately known, has become of the best fast pitch softball communities in Northern Kentucky, according to Turner. In February, many individuals who are raising money for the reward were part of the same group who organized a community yard sale to help build batting cages and pitching tunnels for the field.

"The great thing about our community is when something like this happens, people step up to make sure it is a isolated incident. I shared a few pictures on Facebook and people started messaging me about adding to the reward money," said Turner. "Some were parents of current players and some were parents of alumni players. Some were just citizens who respect the way the field is coming along and the hard work that has been put in by so many over the years. To think just three years ago the girls were still playing games in 'Death Valley.'"

If you'd like to contribute to the reward, you can call Vince Turner at 859-866-9950. If you have information about the crime, you can call the Fort Thomas Police at 859-441-6562 or submit tips anonymously via the Sentiguard app. 


  1. I make my living as an artist and grew up in a large city during the whole graffiti craze in the 1980's. I never thought of this junk as art or the vandals that do it as artists. A real artist buys his or her own material to create on, not destroy private or public property. I am new to Fort Thomas (2 years) and live down the street from Winkler Park. It's been truly inspiring to see how the ball park has developed over the past year and the pride the community has shown in it. Little things like that are why I live here. It made me sick to see how some bum with a spray can could take something the town can have pride in and with some badly drawn lines turn it into trash. I hope the police catch who ever was responsible.

  2. Perhaps a video camera on Woodfill's roof?? This is aggravating on so many levels... Pride in our community, pride in our schools, hard work to make things better.... all sullied by someone who embodies NONE of these traits.... Is the idea of more apartments a good idea?? If you are not vested in the community, don't have solid ties, why care about painting a brand new back stop... may as well be OTR....