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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Graffiti Found At Another Fort Thomas Park

Graffiti was found at Tower Park playground early Saturday morning. General Services Director, Ron Dill is aware of the graffiti and said that he hopes to have crews clean it up soon. 

Dill also updated FTM on the graffiti found at Winkler Park near Woodfill Elementary two weeks ago, which has been cleaned up. "It was a shame that we have to deal with items like that," he said. "Otherwise it's been a fun project and great addition to the community."

Vince Turner is part of a group of Fort Thomas residents that was upset that the graffiti occurred and is still offering a reward for information leading to a charge. 

The reward sits at $350. 

"The group of people that raised the money all feel like it was someone that painted on their house. Many of the girls and their parents have worked so hard over the years to finally have a home field they can be proud of and the community can be proud of," said Turner in a previous FTM article. "This is disgraceful and we want to find those responsible."

If you'd like to contribute to the reward, you can call Vince Turner at 859-866-9950. 

If you have information about the crime, you can call the Fort Thomas Police at 859-441-6562, email Detective Adam Noe at or submit tips anonymously via the Sentiguard app. 

The Winkler Park dugouts after being cleaned by the City. 

The Winkler Park dugouts after being cleaned by the City. 

1 comment:

  1. I use to work in the Hamilton County Jail. This seems more like stupid kids, than gang graffiti.
    Could be wrong (gang members can be pretty dumb), but just doesn't look like "gangsta" type stuff.