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Friday, July 10, 2015

NKY Music Scene: Carter New...Family, Community and Music

People normally think of LA, New York, Chicago and other big cities as the places that create famous musicians but the small town of Fort Thomas has it's own rising star. "The local support I've received over the years has been absolutely flattering. Without all you guys, I surely wouldn't be where I am today," said Carter New, lead singer of The Carter New Band.

New has been a familiar face in the local music scene for years now. The Carter New Band have been playing live since 2011 to an ever-growing fan base.

"Carter comes from a great family, is willing to work hard and never looks for a handout. He is always appreciative of the people that come to see him perform. His passion for music and his personality is what draws me in." said friend and fan, Shawn Merrill.

New discovered his freshman year at Highlands that music was his one true love. Big into athletics, he played basketball and football all four years at Highland High School in Fort Thomas. He also sang in the Chamber Choir four years.

"I definitely knew my life was music by my sophomore year." explains New. "Thanks to a wonderful high school choir teacher who continued to push me, I'd give her 70% of the credit for everything I do. If she wasn't the choir teacher from 2008-2012, there is a decent chance this interview wouldn't exist."

New thanks God before and after every performance. The studio is often a place that New also reaches out for inspiration and guidance from "Dude."

"Many times I will be in the studio or home recording a new tune when I get stuck. Typically I will just get up and take a walk to open up my mind and chat with this guy I like to call "Dude". I guess, formally, I should call him God...but, I don't think that he minds me calling him Dude. It's not exactly praying, but more of a conversation."

New also gets inspiration from family and friends. He can often be found taking notes on his iPhone about situations he has experienced or a guitar riff that pops into his head. Whenever he needs a fresh start or new idea for a song he will simply spend time with family and friends to do something crazy and make brand new memories. From a funny conversation with an old friend or running into an old teacher, New seeks inspiration constantly.

"I use the 'Voice Memo' application to record my voice singing new ideas. I love technology. It makes it easy to capture the moments in life and those moments are a big part of my inspiration to write music and connect with others."

New is grateful for all the local support he has had since music has been his focus.

"Having an entire community behind you definitely can come hand in hand with responsibility and professionalism. Whenever I play locally, it's definitely a sense of responsibility to not only represent myself and my band, but I am representing our city and the type of great people we have as the foundation of Fort Thomas."

His family support system has been his biggest blessing of all. His mother, father and aunt are the business team. The three of them take care of booking gigs, contract forms and all the necessary things that keep 'Carter New Music' running.

"I cannot thank each of them enough for the time, sweat and money they have dumped into my dream and I have truly been blessed to have them."

His aunt, Sally Brewer, is quick to address the local support and love for New.

"I think what lures people to Carter the most is his voice. In my opinion, Carter is the whole package-- good looks, talented musician, great songwriter. The voice... everyone comments on that the most," Brewer said. "He has a great tone and sings on pitch very well. Some of Carter's biggest fans know the originals from the live shows, and it's fun to see and hear people sing along. Look for Carter to cut an album at some point. I would also like people to know that Carter has a huge heart. He has done several gigs for charity... from Spina Bifida foundation to cancer survivors. It's wonderful how he can make people feel so special and loved."

New has big plans in his future. He hopes to move to Nashville in the Fall and work on his first E.P. (smaller album of 4-5 songs).

"Hopefully I can meet the right people, look for the right opportunity and hopefully capitalize on my chance and prove to everyone that everything was worth it and set an example for other aspiring musicians. I want to inspire other people that come from a small town to chase the big dream and paint the big picture in their minds every night before they go to bed until they're standing exactly where the painting is."

Check The Carter New Band out on Facebook for upcoming concert dates, to book the band or learn more about them.

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