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Monday, July 13, 2015

Opticare Vision Centers - Newport, Kentucky Helps Baby See Clearly For First Time

Piper's reaction to her glasses, which were done at Opticare Vision Centers in Newport, Kentucky at 59 Carothers Road. 
I texted Dr. Josiah Young (Opticare Vision Center in Newport, Kentucky) early last week when I first saw the video. It was last Wednesday morning and I had just finished up posting FTM's first article of the day. "We have got to get permission from (Piper's mom) to post that video."

"This is why I love coming to work every day. I can't express how much joy it brings me to see this," was the caption that Dr. Young posted with the video. What followed has now been viewed over 15 million times.

The video, titled, "Putting Glasses on Piper for the First Time," has been on Good Morning America, Buzzfeed, and when I was talking to Dr. Young this morning about the story, the clip began to run on The Today Show.

You would think that having your office associated with a viral video that melts the hearts of whoever is viewing it would be good enough, but Dr. Young is hopeful that parents take something else from the video.

"It's been incredible, but my one hope is that it will bring up the importance of giving eye exams to infants. They obviously can't complain about their vision and in most cases they make it all the way into grade school before they get their vision tested and it's totally preventable. That's what happened with Piper," said Young.

Dr, Josiah Young is one of the doctors at Opticare Vision Centers.  They are located at 59 Carothers Road in Newport, Kentucky. You can reach them at 859-491-1010

The reaction is heartwarming. Piper looks at her parents, Jessica Sinclair and Andrew Verdusco, with her big brown eyes and gummy smile. It seems as if her joy is being driven by truly seeing her parents for the first time.

Verdusco, who just finished interviews with HLN and CNN said it's been a crazy few days. "People have been writing to us like crazy and thanking us for sharing the video. A lot of people didn't realize that sight and vision can affect things like crawling, which Piper was having a problem with," he said. "(Piper's mother) likes to get everything on camera, so we were lucky to have that filmed."

So how did Piper's parents even know to take their infant to see Dr. Young?

"It was the first time Piper had been in my office," said Dr. Young. "Her pediatrician noticed something when he was examining her eyes and sent her to me. Infants are great to work with. We gave her eye drops and used a retina scope and I could immediately tell she had a pretty high prescription."

Young and his team fit Piper with baby pink glasses and according to him, she didn't like having the glasses on her head.

"I think that's pretty common," said Young. "Her parents took her down the street to Flipdaddy's to get some lunch and see if they could try again there."

The rest is internet history.

Even better, Young is an "Infant See" provider, meaning that he can provide an eye exam to infants between 6 and 12 months with no cost and no risk. No insurance is needed. You can call Dr. Young at 859-491-1010 to schedule an appointment or check InfantSee.Org for a participating provider.

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