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Monday, July 13, 2015

Rose Moss Creates a Colorful Garden

By Jill Fessler

A few years ago, we cut down a large tree next to our home.  Now, that side of the house gets lots of full sun.  I searched for plants that could tolerate the increased sun and heat of the day.  I found Rose Moss also known as Portulaca.

This plant comes in many different colors, including:  shades of rose, yellow, white, orange, red, purple and pink.  They can be planted as a boarder plant or in rock gardens. They grow well in hanging baskets or cascading over a rock wall. They can also be used in plant containers or window boxes and will provide blooms from May to October.

If you should forget to water them, no problem, they are low maintenance and drought tolerant.  This plant will flourish in hot, dry, sunny conditions.  The flowers open during bright sun, but when the shade hits the flowers close.  The new varieties, like Happy Hour and Sundial, provide double flowers appearing like paper roses.  The “Happy Hour Mixture” variety provides flowers in several shades (one plant providing several colors of flowers). The “Magic Carpet” variety provides even more options of brightly colored flowers.

This annual grows 6 to 8 inches tall, so plant them 10 inches apart.  They do not require dead heading after each bloom cycle. Best of all, Rose Moss attracts butterflies!   Get your gardens growing, with the brilliant colors of Rose Moss.

You can find Jill Fessler at the Fort Thomas Farmers' Market at the Stonebrook Winery tent every Wednesday. 

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