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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Convenient Deli Mart Sells to New Owners - Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Amy Lloyd, new owner at Convenient Deli Mart. FTM file. 
Convenient Deli Mart at 42 N. Fort Thomas Avenue has a new owner.

Amy Lloyd bought Convenient Deli Mart last Thursday, August 6. The West Union, Ohio native, said she is systematically making changes that she hopes the residents of Fort Thomas will like.

She hopes to have the store fully stocked and ready to go within 30 days, but will continue to be open in the interim selling everyday goods.

"This store used to be a staple in the community, so that's where we need it to be again. That's my goal, to get it there," she said. "And to bring prices back in line. I understand that this is a convenience store and we can't always offer the prices that a grocery store would, but when there's no other place to go you need a place to grab that random item, you need to without feeling like someone is trying to take advantage."

Lloyd has already begun the changes.
They have plans to bring back the deli counter and will sell sandwiches and pizza. They have begun to  reconfigure the store layout by placing items together in a more logical setup and started clearing out the deli area.

According to Lloyd and manager Rob Daniels, they have been spent a lot of time cleaning and throwing away expired product.

"That is probably the biggest thing we've dealt with, getting rid of expired products. We've taken 10-15 car loads to the dumpster. Milk, snacks, stuff of the shelves. Getting out the bad inventory and getting in fresh inventory is a priority," said Lloyd.

FTM file.
One of the biggest changes Lloyd will implement is utilizing a distributor to supply the products for the store. "We won't be going to a dollar store to pick up product and then resell it here," said Daniels. "That's what the old owners used to do, which led to a lot of the expired product issues."

Lloyd said she will employ Eby Brown as the main distributor for food products for the store. Eby Brown is the largest privately owned distributor in the U.S. and has been in business for 120 years. Lloyd will place her first order today and will begin filling the shelves within a week.

Additionally, Convenient Deli Mart will set up more tables and seating for customers inside the store. "The kids are repeat customers. They're coming in and purchasing multiple times a day for 15-20 minutes with their buddies. They are cleaning up after themselves and very polite, so I'm okay with them hanging out at the tables," she said.

Lloyd has owned two different food distribution routes in the past. "I sold them because I was getting married and decided I wanted a family," she said. "I went into consulting for five years and decided I wanted to own my own business again."

She will commute from Adams County almost every day. She said that she will be in the store at different times of the day because she wants to understand the entire mix of the clientele. She said that will especially be important because she wasn't given a list of what sells most in the store.

"We've had a lot of positive reinforcement even since we've bought the store, a few days ago. People tell us they are very happy there are new owners," said Lloyd.

Daniels echoed that statement. "Just because of the (reputation) of the past owners, don't look past the fact that there are new owners here with new management and a new vision for the store."

Currently, the aisles after clearing out old product. 


  1. Throws former owners under bus.......

    1. oh stop. it was terrible.

    2. Oh come on, it was the worst!! Everyone knows that! Bad service, bad products and unsanitary areas! Wish the new owners the best of luck!!

    3. Please ... that store was nasty! Wished our community knew they re-sold dollar store items and sold expired items. So happy for the change-over. I'll give it another try now!

    4. Was there a fort Thomas matters article about the first sale or any of the racial rhetoric that happened in the place of business by patrons or on the street? If so I retract my criticism.

    5. Your statement literally makes no sense.

    6. I apologize if I was not clear. When the first owners sold it I heard complaints while in the store about the owners not being white. It makes sense, in that, many folks in fort thomas do not like change and difference. Racial comments were made. That's what I was referring to. I did not see an article when the second family that owned it no longer were running shifts (if that was a sale or not I don't know). I didn't see an article article bout the first sale. Now there is an article about this sale and I am calling into question why such an article is being written now when nothing has been said over the past five years. If there was an article about precious sales then I retract my criticism. I am cynically saying that there are those in fort Thomas that didn't like the owners because they weren't white and now that they are, an article is written...

    7. Yeah, not really sure who your beef is with still. Bad product and bad service pretty much speaks for itself. Playing the race card isn't going to help you here. One of the most successful businesses in Fort Thomas is minority owned (The Subway).

      He does a great job and the city rewards that by supporting him.

      As far as the last sale of the business, that was nearly 10 years ago. This site started covering items daily about 3 years ago and I believe did some advertising for the previous owners when they tried their hand at "the dairy bar" concept.

      Provide fresh food in a sanitary environment without ripping people off. Seems like a pretty easy business model to follow.

    8. As with some of the comments on the facebook page: Nathan, his wife, and two daughters are good people and there are some of us sad to see them sell. I thought the sale happened around 2010 or 11. Either way, they did not have an easy time with the market and with some people in the community.

      While purchasing items in the store I heard racist comments. It is not a race card when folks said it. I never had a poor experience there. I guess my beef, in this case should echo the first comment about the article in that the quotes seem to throw the former owners under the bus. Service is service, I get it.

      Fort Thomas, however is getting more diverse than it was 25 years ago. After living away for a time, returning to hear ignorant and racist comments by adults in the store; reading this article, coupled with recently seeing some of our high school teens pull into that parking lot with a huge confederate flag flying from their 4 door sedan culminated my response above. I was disheartened. That's on me. All those thoughts came together in my the unclear statements above. It doesn't excuse overt racism in those instances.

      This wasn't the forum, and I think a conversation about fort thomas and race does need to happen. I accept being wrong in my presentation.

    9. First of all, Nathan did not own the store. He was a great guy, but didnt you wonder why he wasn't there over the last few months.

      There's no doubt when he left the store's fell further downhill that had zero to do with race.

      You are going to hear ignorant comments everywhere and Fort Thomas isn't excluded. The article has absolutely nothing to do with that. It's fairly written and uses direct quotes to tell the story.

      I too have seen the confederate flags and I shake my head too, but again, that is a red herring when dealing with this.

      Denigrating the article and asking for a conversation about race to happen is counterproductive. Don't you think this article helps to keep a conversation going? There is no editorializing and FTM was the only media outlet talking to both sides of this story and the Imperial Apartments.

      I think your frustrations are being taken out in the wrong area. Take them out on individuals who are not progressive, not the forum itself.

  2. Expired products is why we haven't been there in years!! Tired of going to Kroger when we need just a couple of items (bread, milk, etc)

  3. Terrific! Best of luck, I'm sure we'll stop by soon and see the progress!

  4. Best wishes and much success to Amy Lloyd. Congrats to the Ft. Thomas community on the new store (because that is what it will be with new owners)!

  5. Great to hear! Looking forward to improvements!

  6. This is great news! I'm so happy it's getting cleaned up. I hope they will have ICEE floats.

  7. So happy to have new aunt lives across the street from them and we have had so many bad experiences with the most recent past owners. Looking forward to things getting better!

  8. Looking forward to being a customer again!

  9. The previous owners were nice people and although you had to be careful with your purchases in terms of expirations, they had a better variety of items than all other convenient stores in town. The craft beer selection was very good and they always stocked my favorites upon request. I hope that will continue.