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Friday, August 14, 2015

Fort Thomas Educators Kick Off School Year

Every School in Fort Thomas is invited to the Education and Eggs Breakfast, Now in its 15th Year
Asst. Superintendent, Jon Stratton with keynote speaker Carl Hurley and John Weyer, School Board member at the 15th annual Education and Eggs breakfast. 
By Lisa Birkley 

Imagine planning a breakfast, securing sponsors, and organizing speakers for every educator in Fort Thomas.  Stephanie Recht, chairperson, with Jennifer Zell, Lisa Duckworth, and Gina New took on the task of planning The 15th Annual Eggs and Education.  Filing in through the early morning fog, faculty and staff reported to Northern Kentucky University’s Banquet Hall on Thursday, August 13.

It is a unique event that brings all Fort Thomas Independent schools and Catholic schools together to the kick off to the 2015-2016 school year.

After the invocation, breakfast was served, which included goetta. The conversations were filled with stories of the summer.  However, there was an overwhelming feeling of anticipation and a little anxiousness about what the new school year would bring.

As the group finished eating, Mr. Carl Hurley, Ed.D. CPAE, entertained and motivated them with his Southern retelling of stories of his youth and his time teaching.

His message to the group was how important humor is in all aspects of life, but especially in teaching.  He reminded everyone that humor is all around if one bothers to pay attention.  His stories were clever and witty, but also laced with the idea that teachers are very important to the future.  Students might not see it at the time, but teachers have to know they do make a difference.

Not to be out done by the keynote speaker, Mr. Gene Kirchner, Superintendent, welcomed all the new faculty and staff from all the different Fort Thomas Independent Schools.

In his own special brand of humor, Mr. Kirchner also told the tale of a missing bird name Rita Bird.  He listed the suspects, and it was revealed that Mr. Jon Stratton, Assistant Superintendent, was the thief.

The Fort Thomas Police charged in, cuffed him and took him away.  The crowd roared with laughter.  Mr. Kirchner has a different conspiracy story each year for the group to enjoy.

Once the caper was over, Mr. Kirchner change the mood and discussed all the great accomplishments in the district in just one year.  He discussed the final phase of the Highlands High School’s renovation, the new turf and upgrades to the football field, and the completion of the field house.

He talked about the success of the digital conversion of the middle school and the expectations of the digital conversion at the high school.  Mr. Kirchner also showed everyone the plans for the new Moyer Elementary.  The district could break ground as early as the end of the September.

After Mr. Kirchner made his final remarks, all received a Tervis Tumbler coffee mug as a parting gift.  This day helps everyone to remember the importance of his or her contribution to the future of the children.  The Fort Thomas District is doing very well, the students are thriving and the future looks bright for the community.

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