Friday, August 14, 2015

FTM Radio Podcast: GOP Governor Candidate Matt Bevin

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GOP Candidate for Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin. 
Fort Thomas Matters interviewed Kentucky Gubernatorial candidate, Matt Bevin. FTM previously had a one-on-one interview on May 1, 2015, which you can read here.

We hit on several topics and allowed the GOP nominee to go beyond soundbites and explain in his own words where he stands on several topics being discussed in the Kentucky Governor's race.

The election is set for November 3, 2015. Bevin is running against Democratic candidate Jack Conway.

Bevin discussed his decision to stray from the divisive, partisan and nasty nature of the political speeches at Fancy Farm and focus on ideas Kentuckians can and should unify behind.

He talked about the economic state of Kentucky and accused Governor Beshear of misleading Kentuckians about the fiscal health of Kentucky. He pointed out that our state is near the bottom in several economic indicators, including having the 2nd worst unfunded pension liability in the country.

Bevin talked about what will happen when he shuts down Kynect, Kentucky's health care exchange. Over 500,000 new enrollees have purchases or gained insurance through Kynect since its inception.  Bevin said that he is not simply kicking people off as has been the scare tactic used by his opponents.  He pointed out that during open enrollment he would transition Kynect enrollees to the federal exchange and said taxpayers are paying for two services that do the same thing and offer the same benefits --further noting that 34 other states have not established a state exchange.

For those on Medicaid via the expansion, Bevin said that he would submit an 1115 waiver to allow us to develop a medicaid expansion program that is better suited for Kentucky instead of a one size fits all approach because as it stands with 25% plus on Medicaid, because as he explains, Kentucky cannot afford to do otherwise.

On early childhood education, Bevin stated that he is being intentionally misquoted and attacked for bringing up an independent study that was critical the effectiveness of head start. He said his opponents are taking those comments completely out of context and using it to scare and mislead people into thinking he is against early childhood education--an assertion Bevin says is "asinine."

Bevin also discussed the difference in positions on Planned Parenthood between himself and Jack Conway. Bevin stated that we should not be using tax dollars to subsidize organizations like Planned Parenthood who perform abortions.  He also said that he finds its problematic that Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions in tax payer funding. He cited a political donation being made to Jack Conway by Planned Parenthood for $5,000.

On the issue of Public/Private Partnerships, Bevin stated that while he is not against P3s across the board, but he is against them on the Brent Spence Bridge. He said that he believes that they will lead to tolling, and that he believes it can be funded my other means, including Garvee bonds, which would use dollars from the Federal Highway Trust fund as security for the bonds.

Bevin also discussed recent polls, his support in Northern Kentucky during the primary, how he balances family life with campaigning, uniting a fractured party, appealing to conservative democrats and several other topics relevant to the upcoming election.

Please take the time to hear GOP Gubernatorial Candidate discuss these topics in his own words.

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