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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Moving From Fort Thomas to L.A.

By Caroline Connolly
Caroline Connolly 
At the age of fourteen, I was shocked to hear that my family and I would be moving to Los Angeles after living my entire life, up to that point, in Fort Thomas. Although that was over seven years ago, and I have completely adjusted to California life, there are many things I still fondly remember about growing up in Fort Thomas. In the summer, I spent countless days up at the Swim Club- from its annual opening on Memorial Day to its annual closing on Labor Day. Swimming on the Sharks’ team, or just hanging out in the pool at the Swim Club was the perfect way too cool off from a hot humid day’s scorching sun.

The Fourth of July Parade was another favorite summer memory of mine. Whether I was  watching the parade on the sidewalk, gathering candy as it was tossed from the floats, or participating in the parade with my dance studio, it was always a good time!

Fall was probably my favorite season in Fort Thomas. All the leaves on the trees changing colors brought everything to life. Football games were the biggest highlight of the fall  for me.

Even though I moved without attending Highlands High School, I still  experienced many home football games. I remember walking around, socializing, and cheering in the stands with my friends and family. Everybody wore blue and white to show school spirit. Football in Fort Thomas really built up a sense of community.

The rare snow days that the Fort Thomas School District would announce are one of my favorite memories of winter. I loved looking out the big window overlooking my backyard on Henry Avenue, checking to see how much snow had fallen. Sledding behind the school district office with friends, building snowmen, making snow angels, trudging back up the hill for hot chocolate, and sitting by a warm fire, were what snow days were all about.

In describing Fort Thomas to my friends in Los Angeles, they are amazed that we actually knew our neighbors and only locked our doors at night. I realize how unique my little home town is, and  although I love my new life and all of the opportunities that LA offers, I cherish my roots in Fort Thomas. And you never know- someday I may be back in the hopes of giving my own kids the same small town experience.

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  1. Caroline- I remember all of these things you do and more. You are such a lovely young woman. I'm glad you were able to live across the street from us for a while. I'm also glad you appreciated what your parents gave you by raising you and Olivia on little Manor Lane. You will always be a part of this community and of the fond memories of a great neighborhood.