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Friday, August 28, 2015

Op-Ed: Commissioners Have Lost Touch With Campbell County

Kevin Gordon. Facebook. 
Last week, the Campbell County Fiscal Court approved a 5.2 percent property tax revenue increase which would raise about $427,000 more than the 7.56 million raised in property taxes last year.

Property tax rates in Campbell County have increased 45% since 2007.

The measure passed 2-1, with Commissioners Brian Painter and Tom Lampe voting for the increase and Charlie Coleman voting against.

This op-ed is an answer to Commissioner Painter's previous article on FTM, that discussed his reasoning for the property tax increase.

By Kevin Gordon

In 2010 "candidate" Painter wrote an editorial for the Community Press titled "A time to spend: A time to stop".

In that Op-Ed he mentioned Campbell County (CC) spending vs Campbell County population growth. "...the burden on each taxpayer increases as the county's spending increases. I call this the 'misery index.'"

It's fair to ask, now that Commissioner Painter has been in office since January 2011, has the "misery index" improved?

From 2004 - 2010 spending per CC citizen grew from $275/person to $402/person or 46% nearly 3x's the rate of inflation (15.4%).

Since Commissioner Painter has been in office, spending has INCREASED to $480/person or 19% nearly 2x's the rate of inflation (9.4%).

Our "misery" has increased just not as fast as before.

Commissioner Painter and the Fiscal Court (Commissioner Coleman was the lone dissenting vote) has raised their tax rate 5.2% despite the fact that as of June 30, 2015, Campbell County had a CASH RESERVE of $10,555,777.84!

AND according to their Financial Advisor, from their Public Finance firm, they should have Cash Reserves of between 20 - 25% of their 2016 Operating Budget or $8,749,296.25 (on the high side at 25%)!

That's $1,806,481.59 above what they SHOULD have!

It might "only" mean an increase of $10 on a $129,000 house, but that is in addition to the $25 increase from the School Tax and the yet to be determined increase in the Fire District Tax, City Tax, etc. We all see the increases in groceries, cable, phone, internet, health insurance, insurance deductibles, etc.

When does the taxpayer get a chance to build up their cash reserves?

"A time to spend: A time to stop" What part of STOP does Commissioner Painter not understand?


  1. Campbell County Fiscal Court is proposing a 5.2% property tax rate increase. If this is approved, our Property Tax Rate will have been increased 45% since 2007!!!!

    Has your household income gone up 45% over the last 8 yrs.?

    Do you replace your vehicles at 100,000 miles no matter what? The County does!

    Does your company give out 10% pay raises? The County does!

    In Saturday's Enquirer there was an article titled: "If golf doesn't work, what's next for courses?"

    The Enquirer reported that Kenton County has subsidized their golf courses OVER $600,000 since 2013. Boone County has subsidized their golf courses $200,000 in 2014. Left out of the article was Campbell County's subsidy of its golf course of OVER $1,200,000 since 2012, including a $450,000 replacement of all of the greens due to flouridone, a herbicide used to kill weeds or algae that grow in ponds sprayed on the greens for some undisclosed reason!

  2. It's getting too expensive to live here anymore. Especially in Ft. Thomas since we are going to be charged 5% more on our Duke bill 😣

  3. That has to be the most poorly written rebuttal I've read in a long time.