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Monday, August 17, 2015

Ron Dill To Be Named Interim City Administrator

Ron Dill introducing Rec. Director Kat Disney and Building Inspector, Kevin Barbian. FTM file. 
After Don Martin announced he would be retiring as the top official in Fort Thomas, as first reported on Fort Thomas Matters, Mayor Eric Haas told FTM he was not sure if an interim City Administrator would be named.

Now that question has been answered, as a Municipal Order has been established to name Ron Dill the Interim City Administrative Officer at the next city council meeting on Monday.

"I hadn't really thought much about it (when the issue first came up), but we realized it's going to be good to have someone in the city at the top. Ron already has the title of Assistant City Administrator, it just was a matter of doing the proper paperwork to make it official," said Mayor Eric Haas.

Municipal orders are like ordinances in that they are legally binding legislation, but differ in that they deal with internal matters, rather than the general public. The mayor does not need approval from council for the order to be adopted.

Dill has been with the City of Fort Thomas for 28 years and is currently the Director of General Services and the Assistant City Administrative Officer and is the most tenured city employee in Fort Thomas.
Martin is set to retire on August 31. Haas is the appointing authority on the hiring committee for the new city administrative officer. He will select four members to be on a hiring committee and they will begin sorting through resumes. It is thought that the committee will be consist of Haas, a current council member, and at least one past council member.

"We're going to have great candidates to choose from," said Haas.

Dill joked that he can't believe he's been at the city longer than any other employee. "I don't know how that happened. I just keep showing up," said Dill.

Because of his tenure with the city, Dill said that he's knowledgable about city affairs.

"Don (Martin) and I collaborate often considering the positions we are both in," he said. "The main difference is that I will be the last authority in the structure of the organization from a decision-making standpoint in dealing with staffing."

When Martin was hired in 2006  to replace Jeff Earlywine, the committee was made up of then-Mayor Mary Brown, then-Councilman Jim Doepker, then-Finance Officer, Fred Ewald and Lt. Rich Whitford of the Fort Thomas Police Department

Fred Ewald was chosen to be the Interim City Administrative Officer before Martin was hired.

It is thought that multiple candidates that currently work within the city building in Fort Thomas will apply for the job that will pay between $105,000 and $125,000, but the position will be advertised throughout the region, state and nation.

A change was made to the city's ordinance in November that allowed the city to hire a City Administrative Officer that lives outside of the city of Fort Thomas. Martin was hired by Mary Brown under the auspices that that rule was already in effect, however according to Brown it just simply wasn't been enforced.

"(Hiring a City Administrative Officer from Fort Thomas) can work the other way," said Brown adding that it could be a conflict of interest. "When you say it would be best if they live in the city, I don't agree with that."

"It's a very desirable position in a very desirable city," said Martin.

Haas said the hiring process could ideally be wrapped up by the end of September.

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