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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Home Doctor - Fort Thomas, Kentucky

By Hannah Condon

Is something broken and needs to be fixed?  Do you want to turn your basement into usable living space? Are you wondering where you can look for a company that can help you with home projects big or small?

The Home Doctor is in! Anthony Lung and Daron Race worked together for over five years when they decided to branch out on their own and start the Home Doctor. With the skills they learned on their previous jobs they opened their own home repair and remodeling business. They offer many different services to their clients, such as small repairs, flooring, exterior house repair, room remodeling and basically anything that needs fixing.

We are all blue collared people, we know how it is to work for a living. We know when someone wants to spend money on their house they want a good quality job and don’t want to pay high prices and that’s where we come in," said Race.

Their services can be done anywhere a client pleases but they are based in Fort Thomas and want to mainly focus on their work in Fort Thomas.

The Home Doctor currently is working on a big project for Dan Gorman at the Churchill Apartments located on Grand Ave. Gorman has owned these apartments since 2006, he wanted to find a company that would coordinate with his staff and handle the logistics of a major million dollar project.

It’s been a challenge to find individuals and companies that show up when they’re supposed to, and who perform quality jobs for a reasonable price,” said Gorman.

Mark Reece, Reece Landscaping, referred the Home Doctor to Gorman. Once Gorman reviewed the quality work of Lung and Race he knew he could contract them to look over this project for him without worry. Most of their work comes from word of mouth and referrals. “About 75-80% of our business is from word of mouth and repeat customers which is about the best type of advertisement you can have,” said Race.

They are remodeling 3-4 units a month at this point, and I think they've done a nice job ramping up their staff to handle that type of work load while still being able to complete jobs for other clients at the same time,” said Gorman.

A repeat client, Beth McGarr is very pleased with Home Doctor. They have done many repairs for her from painting, installing light fixtures, installing french doors and fixing her furnace.

I think this company is an asset to our community because they have a wide knowledge of your entire home and basically it is one call for any problems that is need of repair in and around your home,” said McGarr.

TJ Ringland has known Lung and Race for about a year, because of work they’ve done for her daughter. After she saw what great work they did she hired them put in hard wood floors and remodel the garage. “What I liked about the Home Doctor is that their prices are very reasonable and their work fit my time frame. I would highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for anything from remodeling to floor work. There is nothing they can’t do,” said Ringland.

On July 10th at the Winkler Park on Alexandria Pike near Woodfill Elementary, graffiti was found on the dugouts. The Home Doctor reached out the city of Fort Thomas to offer their services. They have not heard back yet from the city, but are still wanting to help. Lung’s reasoning of helping out the community and cleaning the dugout is because, “I live right across from Winkler Park, so seeing that graffiti is something that not only I see but the community sees and Daron and I just wanted to lend our services to help,” he said.

If the Home Doctor’s does get the opportunity to lend their services they would use a pressure washer to make sure nothing stands out and made sure that the graffiti is off for good.

For more information about The Home Doctor they are located at 1004 Alexandria Pk, Fort Thomas, KY, you can also contact them at (859) 466-3825 or you can check themout on their Facebook page called The Home Doctor LLC.

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