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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Are You Searching For Good News?

By Jill Fessler

It seems every day the morning news is all bad news.

There are sorted stories involving violence, scams, injustice, car accidents, traffic jams, bad weather coming soon and more.  It does not matter which channel you watch, they all seem to present a grand assortment of sad, bad news stories.

I wonder how the news reporters keep a smiling face! It leads me to wonder, where is the good news these days?  I know good news is out there somewhere.

Unfortunately we have to search for it much like a treasure hunter searches for sunken treasure.  What if things were different and the media had a “Good News” segment and a “Bad News” segment.  I would surely turn off the TV when the bad news was presented.  It would make things easier for the viewer.  Here are a few ideas for the Good News segment:

In Today’s Good News segment, it’s all good in our neighborhood because:

25 healthy babies were born this week in the tri-state including three sets of twins. Infants and mothers are all doing well.

50 people were hired at local businesses. Many are recent college graduates and they are excited to start their careers with more opportunities than ever before.

Our grocery stores are stuffed full of fresh fruits and veggies (year round).  We take this one for granted all the time.  Eat a ripe peach soon or enjoy fresh corn on the cob with real butter (it’s good for you now, studies show)

The price of gas is going down!  You can search the internet for the lowest gas prices in your area before you fill up your tank, saving you money.  Technology rocks in this case.

The storm warning systems are greatly improved.  New weather sirens are being installed all over the tri-state.  This system will save many lives in the event of high winds or tornadoes.  The weather apps can be downloaded to your cell phone to alert you of bad weather, where ever you travel.  This is a grand improvement over the old system of are the cows laying down or standing up (one of them indicates oncoming rain).

Everyone has access to clean drinking water!  Wow, indoor plumbing too, really!  That is great news.

There are currently very few pot holes on our roadways today.  This is a great time of year to go for a relaxing drive in the country, so enjoy it.

More people than ever are recycling! This is resulting in less trash being dumped into our landfills.  Recycle your plastics, glass and metal.  In some cases earn money for recycling.

I saw a few “Lemonade Stands” this summer.  Yes, kids are still selling lemonade for 50 cents a glass.  Support your local neighborhood future entrepreneurs.

Cell phones have more technology than ever before.  Remember the old days of “party lines” and “rotary dial”, and “real bells” inside the phones?  It is funny to think about how much phones have improved over the years. Everyone seems to have someone to call too.  The best thing, I get more than 5 minutes to talk to my friends.  We had to abide by a time limit in my day.  Remember when it was cheaper to call long distance in the evening? Call, Talk and Text, Unlimited…what freedom!

Live music can be found all over the tri-state area.  Get out there and enjoy your local musicians.  You will be surprised how great the talent is these days.

Goetta is still available!  We live in the only area in the U.S. that produces, and serves Goetta.  Many thanks to all Goetta producers.  Keep up the good work.  We love you.

Check out a few children’s books at your local library and read to a youngster.  It can be fun.
Monarch butterflies are on the move, heading towards Mexico for winter.  Watch for these orange flutter byes in a garden near you.

Chili parlors never close!  They offer coneys, three-ways piled high with cheese, and don’t forget the appetizer…hot sauce and crackers.  This has to be the best news I have ever heard.

Add to this list if you like, challenge everyone in your family to think about some good news they have heard recently.  Our perspective about the news can change if we only search for the good news in life.
Jill Fessler. 

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