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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fort Thomas Police Monthly Report (July 2015)

Officer Doug Bryant, Chief Mike Daly and Officer Zac Rohlfer at the Fort Thomas Fourth of July Parade. FTM file. 
The Fort Thomas Police Department saw the retirement of Officer Brad Adams, after 13 years of service. During his time with the FTPD, he served as Detective in the Investigations Unit for 10 years.

Other Notes:
- In early July, as first reported by FTM, the Fort Thomas Police Department implemented the new "tip app" called Sentiguard. According to the Det. Adam Noe, he said the response has been extremely positive. "We hope that the community continues to embrace the app along with the continued use and submission of tops that we have received thus far," said Noe.

- The 9th Annual C.S.I. Fort Thomas summer enrichment program was hosted in July at Highlands. Officers William Hunt and Nick Hoffman and Det. Noe gave lectures and demonstrations to 26 students in methods of evidence collection and crime scene investigations.

- Officer Nick Hoffman received the 2015 Governor's Occupant Protection Enforcement Awared at an awards banquet in Lexington. From June 2014 to June 2015, the FTPD wrote 279 seat belt violations and Hoffman was responsible for 97 of those.

- The Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force asked to clarify what you can and cannot drop into the prescription drop box at the police department. Please do not drop liquids, ointments, gels, vitamins and syringes.

In July officers wrote 18 speeding charges, 10 DUI charges, 24 charges for non-traffic offenses (warrants, assaults, disorderly conduct, etc) and 86 traffic charges.

Officers also issued 114 written warnings and totaled 32 court appearances.

There were 30 drug related charges placed against 18 adults. Three of the individuals were Fort Thomas residents and traffic stops led to 25 of the 30 charges.

Individual Statistics (Total State Citation Charges)

218 Total State Citation Charges
Officer Brad Adams - 48 charges
Officer Brandon Laffin - 26 charges
Officer Nathan Day - 21 charges
Officer Derek Faught - 20 charges
Officer Adam Peak - 19 charges

July 2015 vs July 2014 Enforcement Summary (Most Common Charges)

Non-Traffic Charges
Alcohol Related (7 vs 6)
Drug Related (31 vs 27)
Possession Alcohol by Minor (3 vs 5)
Warrants Served (19 vs 17)
TOTAL (65 vs 62)
Includes 1 disorderly conduct, 2 assault, 1 terroristic threatening 

Traffic Charges 
DUI (10 vs 1)
Speeding (18 vs 40)
Other Hazardous Violations (16 vs 5)
Operator License Violations (23 vs 14)
Vehicle License Violations (17 vs 15)
No Seat Belt in Use (39 vs 17)
TOTAL (153 vs 111)

Juvenile Charges
Alcohol Related (0 vs 2)
Drug Related (0 vs 6)
Criminal Trespassing (0 vs 1)
TOTAL (0 vs 25)

Offense Reports
Theft Related (12 vs 11)
Alcohol Related (5 vs 3)
Drug Related (23 vs 22)
DUI (9 vs 1)
TOTAL (70 vs 45)

Incident Reports
Abuse/Neglect (3 vs 6)
Property Damage (4 vs 5)
Neighborhood Dispute (0 vs 1)
Animal Related (2 vs 0)
TOTAL (18 vs 15)

Accident Reports
24 vs 22

Drug Charges Placed on Individuals
Fort Thomas resident - 6 charges on 3 individuals
Alexandria - 2 individuals charged
Batavia - 2
Dayton - 2
Amelia - 2
Hebron - 1
Bromley - 1
Silver Grove -1
Cincinnati - 1
Southgate - 1
Crittenden - 1

1 comment:

  1. Please do a follow up on this story if the above individuals charged plead guilty or convicted. Good stats on getting the matter addressed but a vital public service to learn who is doing wrong in our community that is so criminal in actions to our family, friends and sadly more than a few children.