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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Highlands A.P. Report (2015)

More Students Enrolling in A.P. classes, More Students Earning College Credit 

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Highlands has consistently been named one of the best high schools in Kentucky and the nation by multiple publications (see: US News and World Report, Washington Post, Newsweek). Each has their unique blend of proprietary rankings, but Advanced Placement offerings and passage of those courses figure in across the board.

The Fort Thomas Independent School Board made the decision to offer more A.P. classes and allow more students to take those classes.

"Our district decided several years ago to open AP enrollment to all students without prerequisites.  Our data have continually shown that when we give students advanced opportunities, they rise to the challenge," said Assistant Superintendent Ginger Webb. "This had led to a tremendous increase in the number of students earning AP credit, from 29% in 2007 to over 60% in 2015.  Students who may not have taken A.P. courses in the past are now earning college credit while still in high school." 

Brian Robinson, Highlands Principal, said a similar statement in a previous article after Highlands was named the most challenging high school in Kentucky by The Washington Post.

"Encouraging a large number of students to take challenging courses and then providing the resources for them to be successful is a very important part of our strategy to ensure students are prepared for post-secondary success," he said.

The numbers back it up.

Students who graduated from HHS having passed at least one A.P. exam (3 or higher):
- Class of 2007: 29%

- Class of 2014: 61.7%
- Class of 2015: 60.3%

Students are not only taking more A.P. classes, but they are doing better on those exams. The following list details the types of distinctions in the Class of 2015 versus the Class of 2014:
- Total Scholars: 210 vs 172
- AP Scholars: 99 vs 89
- AP Scholars with Honor: 41 vs 26
- AP Scholars with Distinction: 70 vs 57
- National AP Scholars: 14 vs 12.

The Nation AP Scholars are awarded to all students in the U.S. with an average of at least a 4 on all A.P. exams then and a score of 4 or higher on 8 or more exams.

Number of Students Enrolled
Composition, 169
Seminar, 146
History, 135
World History, 131
Literature, 110
Government, 105
Geography, 84
Psychology, 69
Calculus AB, 67
Physics, 40
Statistics, 38
Spanish, 27
Calculus, BC, 26
Chemistry, 24
Macro Economics, 21
Biology, 16
Computer Science, 16
Environmental Science, 13
German, 9
Art, 7

Percentage of Students Scoring 3 or Higher
Spanish, 100%
Calculus BC, 100%
Art, 100%
Biology, 93.75%
Environmental Science, 92.31%
German, 88.89%
Calculus AB, 80.6%
Seminar, 78.77%
World History, 76.34%
History, 71.1%
Psychology, 71.01%
Physics, 70%
Government, 62.86%
Literature, 62.73%
Composition, 58.58%
Statistics, 55.26%
Chemistry, 54.17%
Geography, 51.19%
Computer Science, 42.75%
Macro Economics, 19.05%

There were a total of 572 different students that took an A.P. class in 2015, versus 494 students that took one in 2014. Of those 572 students, there were a total of 1,283 A.P. classes taken, meaning each student carried an average of 2.24 classes, up from 2.06 in 2014.

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