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Friday, September 11, 2015

New Grocery Delivery Service in Fort Thomas

Countless times I’ve loaded the kids into the car for a quick grocery store run only to remember, last minute, that one of them had soccer practice, or a doctor’s appointment, or a playdate.  The grocery store would have to wait!

In fact, for that exact reason, my family signed up for Green Bean Delivery, a great food delivery service to bring fresh produce and organic meats and dairy products; however, this delivery occurs once per week and isn’t all that helpful for immediate needs, staples, milk products, or prepackaged snacks.

Well, John Stamates, resident of Dayton KY, believes he has the perfect solution for exactly this problem: Milk Run LLC.

Stamates, founder of Milk Run LLC,  began the business at the end of 2014 and has been operating it in a closed test period for the past nine months in both Kentucky and Ohio.  The service is a grocery delivery service but one that operates similar to Uber.  Rather than paying a professional delivery service or ordering from the store, Milk Run LLC connects you with a neighbor who is signed up on the service and the neighbor does your shopping for you, within as little as an hour, and delivers it to your door.
Customers Desktop
The web-based service appears quite easy to use.  The user signs up online and creates the shopping order. Payment is also done on the computer or your smart phone.  A “runner” will agree to the trip by selecting your order and then purchasing and delivering your groceries to you.  If the store price ends up being lower than the price quoted online, your account will be credited.  “Runners” (shoppers and delivery people) can also sign up online, select the orders for their neighbors to time them for when they’re going to the store anyway, purchase and deliver the food and get compensated for their time.

Stamates has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering and Computer Science and Physics minors from Miami University and has spent much of his career working for Fortune 500 companies.  A father of three, he founded and began the company as a unique way to solve a common household problem.  From the limited test period, it appears to be working.  A few testimonials from his website:
John Stamates, founder of Milk Run LLC
Maura K – “Whether coming back from vacation to empty cupboards, or a couple items I was needing in a pinch, Milk Run has been so helpful and convenient!"

Elizabeth W – “It was such a treat to have groceries delivered to my door during naptime, and avoid the three-ring circus that our shopping trips usually become!"

Shelly B – “Being a Runner for Milk Run delivery is easy and a great way to earn extra fuel points!"
Runner Phone

The site is up and running at and is offering a FREE delivery for first time users.

Fort Thomas Matters is not a paid or compensated endorser of this product. 

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  1. Where do you deliver to? All parts of Campbell County or just Ft. Thomas?