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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NKU Police Investigating "Indecent Exposure" on Campus

Callahan Hall, 3510 Alexandria Pike. Via
A notice sent out to Northern Kentucky University students today notified them of a male who "(exposed) his genitals in a common area inside of Callahan Hall."

According to the report, the offense occurred last night between 9:30 - 10:15 p.m and it is being described as Indecent Exposure, 2nd Degree.

A preliminary investigation was conducted and an offense report has been completed. This included multiple interviews and evidence gathering. The investigation remains open and significant investigative activity is occurring.

The report characterized the male as "dark-skinned; approximately 20-25 years of age; tall; thin build; dark hair; razor shadow on face; attired in a dark-colored t-shirt bearing unknown writing or insignia, and medium-colored pants."

NKU Police is asking anyone with information related to this offense or other unusual or suspicious activity to contact them at (859) 572-5500 or 911 during an emergency.

Some more reminders from Northern Kentucky Police:

-Be constantly alert for any suspicious persons or activities; immediately report any suspicious persons or activities to University Police, by phoning 911 or 859-572-5500; program the University Police Department’s phone number into your cellular phone.

-Whenever possible, travel during daylight hours and in groups of two or more; when traveling at night, do so in well-lighted areas and in groups.

-Never prop open exterior or interior residential doors; never authorize entry without verifying the identity of the person and determining that the individual does not pose a threat.

-If approached by a person who is indecently exposing, do not react; do not admonish the individual; quickly leave the area; as soon as possible, contact University Police at (859) 572-5500 or by phoning 911.

-Trust your instincts; if any situation makes you uncomfortable, immediately notify University Police; if off campus, immediately notify local police by phoning 911.

-Avoid the distraction of cellular phone usage when entering, traveling through, and exiting residence halls.

-Avoid the distraction of listening to music when entering, traveling through, and exiting residence halls.

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