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Friday, September 11, 2015

NKY Music Scene: The Sweet Taste of Honey & Houston!

With beautiful harmonies that can send shivers down your spine, Honey & Houston deliver a fantastic blend of folk, country and blues.

Heather Turner, a graduate of Highlands High School, arrived on the music scene in 2006 with the band Tupelo Honey. The band was fronted by song writers Turner and Katie Wefer, both of which provided lead vocals and guitar.

Other members included Scott Risner on mandolin and lead guitar and Daniel Peterson on drums and percussion. Turner's focus is on Honey & Houston now. The band consists of Turner on guitar and vocals, Lauren Houston on upright bass and vocals, multi-instrumentalist Mark Cretcher (mandolin, banjo, lap steel and electric guitar) and Daniel Peterson providing drums and percussion. Turner and Houston's friendship is a key ingredient to the wonderful recipe that makes up Honey & Houston.

"Lauren and I have been best friends for almost as long as we both have been playing music. We met at our (Tupelo Honey) very first gig/ open mic at a coffee house in OTR. It was also Lauren’s first time playing out. We became fast friends and started playing a lot of shows together. We have traveled a lot together, including our European adventures (2009), that inspired us to form our own band." said Turner. "Working with her has given music more of a professional and business perspective for me as she is someone I had always admired. I sang back-up vocals with her band and she sat in with Tupelo Honey a few times as well.  Her songs are crafted carefully, and working with her absolutely effects the music that I bring to the table. A lot of times her feedback gives me confidence in some of the lyrics I “feel” instead of choose. We have collaborated on several songs and I think we both have the same vision of what we always want music to be for us - something that is always liberating and relatable."

Turner never took a music class, can't read music and has no idea how to exactly structure a song perfectly according to what someone else thinks. That hasn't kept her from creating beautiful songs that this band shares on stages all over the area with plans to expand her audience.

"We have recently played the Philadelphia Folk Fest, and it was amazing. I would love to see us travel more. I have always said that I want music to take me places because my biggest passion in life is truly to travel." Turner said. "It would be a dream come true if we were able to play a few shows out of the country, in, say Barcelona."

As with most artists, Turner's inspiration for her music comes from various things in life.

"My main inspiration for writing comes from things that happen in life. I can kind of compare it to art. A painting usually requires a muse or something inspiring before an artist puts the brush to the canvas. It’s usually the same for my songwriting." explains Turner. "I simply write what I feel and look at it as art as well. If I get frustrated, music tends to be therapeutic for me. For example, sitting and waiting on my boyfriend for dinner one night inspired one of my favorite songs, and so did my love for the city of Barcelona."

What does it mean to be performing in front of her hometown crowd?

"Fort Thomas will always have a special place in my heart and will always be a part of who I am. It is really neat to be able to see people I have known since childhood at shows like Merchants & Music. I am proud to be from a place that is sophisticated and appreciates the arts enough to bring local music together with artists like Brett Michaels. I appreciate the opportunity immensely."

Join us on September 26th at Tower Park from 2PM-Midnight for the wonderful Honey & Houston and many other fantastic artists.

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