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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Flip Side: Life in L.A. via Fort Thomas

By Caroline Connolly 
Caroline Connolly.
Caroline Connolly grew up in Fort Thomas and moved to L.A. She talked about the differences of 859 and the 310 previously here.  

Life in Los Angeles is definitely different than life in Fort Thomas. There are so many more people, so much more traffic, and so many more freeways in LA than in the Cincinnati area! There is always a “loud buzz” from all the energy and “hustle and bustle” that is Los  Angeles. Although I very much appreciate my childhood growing up in Fort Thomas, I am now a city girl who loves everything that Los Angeles has to offer.

One of my favorite things about LA is the food. With so much cultural diversity, there are so many different types of food. Anything from Japanese, authentic Mexican, Korean BBQ (It is amazing!), Argentinian, Indian, Thai, to Greek can be found. The amount of restaurant choices can be overwhelming.

I also can’t forget about our beloved In-N-Out Burger, which will truly change your life. There is an In-N-Out right next to LAX in case you are flying in.

There are so many things to do in LA. The entire LA area is the largest metropolitan region in the US, and includes about10 million people, so there are many places to go visit and explore. If you are ever visiting LA, I definitely recommend going to see the Santa Monica Pier, the Griffith Observatory at night, the pink wall at Paul Smith Melrose, hiking near the Hollywood sign, downtown LA, Sunset Boulevard, driving down Pacific Coast Highway, going to the beach in Malibu, and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

This city is also perfect for arts and music enthusiasts. With world-famous art museums such as the Getty, the Norton Simon (which happens to be 2 minutes from my house in Pasadena), LACMA, MOCA, and the Huntington Library, one can definitely get their art fix.

There are many big name and local music festivals here in LA, and of course concerts, where you can see both “up and coming”  bands and musicians, and some of the more famous bands and musicians. I even worked one summer at the Hollywood Bowl and got  paid to experience the concerts! Of course, I can’t forget to mention all the film festivities that go on in LA. The big-name movie premieres on Hollywood Boulevard, the more indie theaters such as Laemmle, and the film festivals such as the LA Film Festival each June can keep one very entertained.

Although sometimes I miss the quieter and simpler way of small town life in Fort Thomas, I really enjoy the busy, fast-paced, and colorful way of life here in LA. I am so thankful for my upbringing in Fort Thomas. It has helped me appreciate life in a great way. Living in LA has also helped me appreciate life in a great, but different way.

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