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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Two Easy Ways to Save Money on your next Disney Vacation

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By Lauren Gonding
You can learn more about how to save at Disney here. 

I am a Disney lover.  Actually, I am probably closer to being a Disney addict. I cannot get enough Disney in my life.   Whether it be from Disney movies, clothing referencing Disney, kitchen items with the iconic Mickey mouse head on it, to seasonal Disney goods, to trips to Walt Disney World Resort - I cannot get enough.  And I am perfectly okay with it.

This is me. In my Minnie Ears.

Those around me, loved ones, family and friends, know about my love affair with Disney.  In fact, they are fans of Disney themselves and will travel with me to my beloved place!  I consider myself to be a lucky girl because of this!

Many people think that a Disney vacation is out of their budget.  I am here to prove to you that it is not with these TWO easy and simple tips.

Pay for your Disney trip by using "free"money.  

There are a few ways to earn "free" money (I put free in quotes because we all know nothing is free - some of these websites require your time to rack up points, others are a reward on cash spent).

My favorite way to earn "free" money is Swagbucks.  

When you sign up for Swagbucks you need to take surveys, watch videos, play games, enter codes, etc. to earn Swagbucks.  (Tip: Be sure to hit your daily goal everyday.  If you do this daily, at the end of the month you will earn big in FREE bucks just for meeting those goals!).

You can shop online via Swagbucks and earn a percentage of what you spent in Swagbucks.  Once you have enough Swagbucks racked up, you then convert your Swagbucks into gift cards.  I strongly recommend converting your Swagbucks into Target gift cards.  Why? As I explain below, once you sign up for the Target REDcard program,  you can buy Disney gift cards at 5% off - thus stretching your "free" money.

Sign up here for a Swagbucks account and start earning!
Sign up for MyPoints.

MyPoints is similar to Swagbucks -  you need to take to surveys, watch videos, order to earn points that you convert to gift cards.  However, I have found that it takes much longer to rack up enough MyPoints to buy a  $50 Target gift card than it does via Swagbucks.  No reason you can't do both though. (Tip: Be sure to take advantage of the MyPoints emails - you will receive a few emails a day that you need to click on to earn free and easy points).  Click here to sign up. 

Ebates.  Ebates is a website that you visit before you shop online, search for the store that you plan on shopping at, and click their special link to do your shopping. By doing so you get a cash back percentage on your total spent. These online shopping trips add up and you'll get a reward check sent to you in the mail four times a year.  (Tip: since Swagbucks and MyPoints also offer rewards for shopping online, check all three sites to ensure you get the best cash back reward). Use your reward check towards your Disney vacation or use it to buy Disney gift cards via the Target REDcard program to stretch your free dollars even more!          
Sign up for a Target REDcard (there are two options, find out which one is best for you here) and simply buy Disney gift cards online.  The Target REDcard program gives 5% off towards all purchases - including gift cards.  That means you will only spend $47.50 for a $50.00 Disney gift card/$95.00 for a $100 Disney gift card and getting at least a 5% discount off your Disney vacation - trust me it can really add up!

Use Magical Travel to book your Disney vacation.

First off the service is FREE.  

As your personalized Disney Travel Agent I can help you SAVE money.  I will do my best to get you the best deal - even after you have booked! (Tip: You can still use your "free" Disney gift cards to pay your Disney Vacation package booked with Magical Travel!)

I can save your TIME by booking you those hard to get dining reservations and FastPass+ selections.  Saving your time means you have more time to spend with your family, or by using the above mentioned websites to earn more "free" money to spend on your Disney vacation.

To find out how I can help you save on your Disney vacation email me at

Also, be sure to subscribe to this blog and like my Facebook page here to stay informed of all the magic Disney has to offer.

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