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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Water Main Replacement on N. Fort Thomas Nearing Completion

Project closing in on month four; street resurface to commence 
N. Fort Thomas heading southbound on Bellaire. FTM file. 

After the annual public hearing to listen to comments on the street repair program in March laid out estimates for how much individual residents on Arlington, Burnett Ridge, Churchill, E. Southgate and North Fort Thomas would pay to have their streets resurfaced, the public utilities committee held discussions on what it would take to end the program.

In conjunction with the resurface and repair on N. Fort Thomas Avenue, from Bellaire to Covert Run, the Northern Kentucky Water District began work in mid-May to repair and replace parts of the water main on the same section of road.

According to the Northern Kentucky Water District Spokeswoman, Amy Kramer, the project was coordinated with the City of Fort Thomas and City of Dayton's paving schedules.

"The project included the replacement of approx. 3,000 feet of 6" and 8" cast iron water mains.  The District's portion of the water service line, which is the pipe connecting the customer to the water main, was replaced for each individual property within the construction limits," she said.

Despite the magnitude of the project, some neighbors are upset about how long the project was taken, especially on the stretch of N. Fort Thomas between Bellaire and Donnelly Avenue.

"We’ve had significant input from residents on the project," said Interim City Administrator, Ron Dill. "There are two different contractors (on the project for NKWD). The first one was done by GM Pipeline and went from Donnelly to Covert, and is essentially complete. The second contract is still under construction. It is my understanding that the water main and the residential service connections for this project are now complete is now at the stage when they will be doing restoration work," said Dill.

The contractor working on the southern part of the project is Lonkard, out of Union, Kentucky.

Dill said that when replacing the water mains, the contractors must install, then test them. He said that during the test phase, they were having failures on the new line.

"We have scheduled to meet with (NKWD) inspectors and their engineers, and are scheduled to start the resurfacing of street on October 1. It is contract terms and remains our plan to be complete with the entire program by October 31," said Dill.

Chuck Keller, who lives on N. Fort Thomas Avenue near Bellaire has had heavy equipment in front of his house for close to two months. "It had taken longer than I thought, but I am glad that we are nearing the end. At least I hope so," he said.

Sand pile, port-o-pots, and heavy equipment lined the streets for months on N. Fort Thomas while contractors replaced water mains. 

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