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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Anointed Touch Massage Membership Program = Healthier You

Tiffany Maple, owner of Anointed Touch Massage

Forty-year-old Fort Thomas resident Eric Barth runs 40-60 miles each week, in addition to other workouts including cycling and Crossfit. Tiffany Maple, owner of Anointed Touch Massage, has been providing Barth with massages for nearly two years. "I originally went to Tiffany with some middle back pain and achilles tendon issues," Barth says. Through massage, Maple addressed these painful issues. "I have been running and working out pretty much pain free for nearly two years," Barth says. "I continue to go back each month as part of my proactive approach to staying healthy."

While many view massage as an hour-long relaxing luxury, Maple's clients know that for those concerned about health, it's so much more—especially when done on a regular basis. In July, Maple rolled out a new Membership Program to make it easy for clients to come in for services regularly, improving their overall health.

"It is important to stay healthy in all the pillars of health," Barth says. And for Barth, along with so many others, regular massages is a part of his regime.

"One of the reasons I came up with the program was I was just trying to figure out a way to get people to come in more regularly," Maple says. "Coming in one time is a really good thing. But if you come in more often you're going to see other benefits—you'll sleep better, your migraines will go away, your health just improves." 

Bellevue resident Julia Chandler signed up for Maple's Membership Program four months ago, after having visited Anointed Touch Massage since it opened. "I'm a 24-year-old healthy young lady," Chandler says. "It's not like I'm going in because I have aches and pains all the time. I go for the benefits to my immune system and circulation. This is more of a health routine for me—it's just as important as working out and eating healthy." 

Chandler didn't always feel this way about massage. During her first few sessions she went in expecting a relaxed and calming experience. Instead, she found herself curious—she kept asking Maple why she was doing what she was doing throughout the massage. "I learned so much about my body and the way our bodies function," Chandler says. "Tiffany is really well educated and I enjoy learning from her. Now when I get massages it's pretty routine—we talk for a couple minutes and then we don't talk. I just relax. But at first I really enjoyed learning all the benefits of massage and being educated." 

Unlike Chandler, Barth sought out Maple because of her extensive experience and training, particularly with athletes. "I originally went to Tiffany because she was local—I prefer to spend local—and she had a background with sports teams and sports medicine," he says. "She understands what active people like myself need to keep healthy and active." 

Membership Program benefits include:
• A discounted rate for a one-hour massage ($50 versus $60).
•  A discounted rate for additional massages purchased that month—for both you and/or your spouse/partner.
• Two massages can be gifted each year.

Clients sign a 12-month contract and Maple keeps a credit card on file. The card is charged on the first of each month and is good for a one-hour massage during that month. The massage is interchangeable between you and your spouse/partner. Twice a year clients can gift their massages to someone outside of their household. 

The only massage the Membership Program doesn't include is Maple's Essential Oils massage. For clients who prefer the use of essential oils they can bring in an extra $15 for that particular massage or Maple can can upgrade the membership to reflect the price difference. 

Worried about a tip? Maple says she feels honored when clients tip, but never feels entitled. With the Membership Program, a massage is $50, period. If a client wishes to tip in addition to that, they can work that into their monthly Membership Program fee or bring cash.

Miss a massage? No worries, Maple says. Life happens. One time each year clients may roll their monthly massage over into the next month.

"I've been really pleased with the response," Maple says of the Membership Program. In addition to helping out Maple's budgeting, the program allows her to build relationships with her regular clients. "When you build a relationship, there has to be trust there," Maple says. "There's always a little bit of tension in the first sessions. The person doesn't know who I am and I don't know who they are. There will always be a little bit of apprehension." But once a relationship is formed, Maple says not only do clients know what to expect, but she knows what clients need. "The Membership Program really helps the relationship fuse."

And as those relationships have grown, what was once considered a luxury has become a necessity when concerned with overall better health.

"I used to think that a massage is just something you do when you want to treat yourself," Chandler says. "But this is a great way to build into your personal health."

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