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Monday, October 19, 2015

BREAKING: Ron Dill To Be Named Fort Thomas City Administrator

Ron Dill. FTM file. 
Interim City Administrative Officer, Ron Dill, will be named the next City Administrative Officer for the City of Fort Thomas at tonight's city council meeting, sources tell Fort Thomas Matters.

At 28 years, Dill is the longest tenured city employee in Fort Thomas, most recently having dual roles of Assistant City Administrative Officer and General Services Director.

After the announcement that former City Administrator, Don Martin, would retire on August 31, Mayor Eric Haas told FTM that he was not looking forward to having to replace Martin.

"I didn’t want this to happen at all. It wasn't in the plans to deal with having to hire a City Administrative Officer." he said in a previous FTM article.  "The way the retirement system is set up, we lose people early into their careers to the system. You can't blame him, but the system doesn't make sense. The system has to change, it's just not sustainable."

After "buying" five years of retirement, Martin had accumulated 30 years in the pension system. He told FTM that his reason for retiring was that after working enough to get the maximum retirement benefit, he would be working for a fraction of his full salary.

"Once you get to 30 years, the way the (retirement) system calculates your benefit, you end up working for pennies on the dollar. From the financial perspective, it made sense (to retire) at 30 years," said Martin.

After Martin announced his retirement on August 5, Haas inserted Dill into the interim City Administrator's role at the council meeting on August 17. 

It's thought that Mayor Eric Haas will make the announcement of Dill's appointment and about the hiring process at the beginning stages of the Oct 19 meeting.

 FTM wil update this story as more details are made available.

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