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Friday, October 9, 2015

Deer-Related Car Crash Makes Believer Out Of Fort Thomas Resident

Shattered glass rained down on Greg Kenney on Monday night after colliding with a deer on Highland Avenue. 
Greg Kenney was driving to Kroger to fuel up his wife's car on Monday. As he was passing through the intersection near Sweetbriar and Pentland Avenues around 8:45 p.m., he saw a deer out of the corner of his eye and before he could brace himself, the deer crashed into his late-model Saturn and through his window.

"I was cut up. The deer hit me when we collided and there was a partial hoof print on my shoulder and a mud patch on the head rest. The deer hit the side door and came through window and actually hit me in the head," said Kenney. "Living in Fort Thomas for 21 years now, I've learned to be hyper-vigilant with the deer while driving here."

But this story isn't about the deer. Or the car wreck. It's about the happy wanderers who saw the wreck and acted immediately. Strangers until right then.

According to Kenney, he was taken aback by the eagerness of neighbors who came to his aid. No doubt wired from the accident, he posted to the Fort Thomas Matters Facebook page timeline in the wee-hours of the morning.

"I would like to give a shout-out to the kind people that came up to me Monday night to make sure I was okay. My car was t-boned by a deer on Highland Avenue, shattering both windows on the driver's side. No fewer than 4 strangers rushed up to me, asking if I was okay, offering to call police and, in general, making sure I was well. This town is pretty cool."

Kenney didn't catch the names of those who rushed to help him. Only identifying them as "a young couple jogging, a lady walking and a neighbor close by who had her windows open on a nice night."

But while he didn't and doesn't know their names, he'll remember how they treated him. And the thing is, that's pretty common in Fort Thomas.

"It made me feel good to be a part of this kind of town that people you don't know take time out to make sure you're okay. I’m sort of a cynic because if you're an outsider, Fort Thomas can be known as kind of a cliquey town, but that was nice," he said.

Kennedy's wife, Karen agreed with those sentiments and also complimented the officer who took the report.

"The officer that took our report was professional and personable which really helped to lower our stress in the moment," she said. "Not only did one of our neighbors drop what he was doing to help cover my broken windows but our other neighbor offered me the use of a car. These are just simple gestures, but they all made this just a little easier to work through.  Fort Thomas is a very special place to call home."

Kenney also said that while the officer was chatting with him, he had mentioned to him that this summer the deer-related accidents were trending up.

"He told me that this year is the worst so far he’s seen in terms of vehicle accidents involving deer," he said.

As for the car?

Kenney said he guessed the car was totaled, although it wasn't as bad as you'd think. "Especially considering it's nearly made out of plastic. It's basically a skateboard with a motor," he said.



  1. So glad this gentleman is ok. So I see you didn't state that the deer died there on the road. I live on Sweetbriar and I can tell you where the deer ended my backyard under a tree. On Tuesday morning I saw a deer lying in the corner of my backyard. I went out to chase it away and as I got closer shouting at it, I realized it was dead! It was a buck. I started calling around to figure out how to get rid of it. Thought I had it solved, but found out later in the day after work it had not been picked up. After many more calls and e-mails with people/companies, I finally found a company on Wednesday morning to pick it up. After rolling it over onto the tarp, the guy said it had been hit or had hit a car. It had come here to rest in a hidden area and died. Yep, paid plenty to get it removed!! We need to do more in Fort Thomas to get rid of the deer.