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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fort Thomas Independent: Top School District in Kentucky

Highlands High School. FTM file.
The statewide test results for 2014-15 were a cause for celebration for Fort Thomas Independent Schools after the results were made public this morning.

The Kentucky Department of Education provided the data.

Kentucky annually releases performance reports on public schools and school districts. Schools are assessed based on students' performances on tests given in the spring and other academic data.

After all the data was compiled, Fort Thomas Independent tested at the top of every school district in the state. Beechwood Independent came in at No. 2.
"I am filled with pride for our students and staff. These results definitely reflect their hard work and dedication. It is very gratifying to know that our focus on providing all students with a world class educational experience is producing world class results," said Fort Thomas Independent Superintendent Gene Kirchner.
In the High School category, Highlands was ranked No. 3 in the state, just ahead of Beechwood and a few spots ahead of Walton Verona.

Johnson Elementary tested the highest of the three elementary schools and was ranked No. 5 in the entire state. Moyer Elementary came in at No. 25 and Woodfill Elementary came in at No. 32.

Highlands Middle School was just outside of the top 10, coming in at No. 11 in the state.

Statewide, the percentage of students scoring at proficient and distinguished levels was relatively flat compared with 2013-14.

However, the percentage was higher in nearly every subject and at every grade level than in 2012, the first year of the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress tests, state officials said.

The top and bottom 10 schools in each category:

Top 10
Jefferson County Greathouse Shryock Traditional 91.6
Floyd County May Valley Elementary School 86.3
Floyd County McDowell Elementary School 85.8
Morgan County Ezel Elementary School 85.6
Fort Thomas Independent Johnson Elementary School 84.4
Boyle County Perryville Elementary School 84.3
Warren County Cumberland Trace Elementary 84.2
Fayette County Veterans Park Elementary School 84.1
Floyd County Allen Elementary School 84.0
Jefferson County Brown School 83.1
Laurel County Bush Elementary School 83.1

Bottom 10
Jefferson County Roosevelt Perry Elementary 42.1
Knott County Cordia School 42.6
Harlan County Black Mountain Elementary School 48.9
Jefferson County Maupin Elementary 49.6
Fayette County Mary Todd Elementary School 49.9
Silver Grove Independent Silver Grove School 50.0
Jefferson County King Elementary 50.6
Bell County Frakes School Center 51.4
Clay County Goose Rock Elementary 51.6
Jefferson County Wheatley Elementary 52.3

Top 10
Floyd County John M. Stumbo Elementary School 85.0
Hart County Cub Run Elementary School 82.1
Fayette County Scapa At Bluegrass 81.2
Marshall County Benton Middle School 80.9
Jefferson County Brown School 80.1
Murray Independent Murray Middle School 79.6
Anchorage Independent Anchorage Independent Public School 78.6
Edmonson County Edmonson County Middle School 77.1
Corbin Independent Corbin Middle School 76.7
Jefferson County Barret Traditional Middle 76.7
Fort Thomas Independent Highlands Middle School 76.4
Oldham County North Oldham Middle School 76.4

Bottom 10
Jefferson County Myers Middle School 39.6
Jefferson County Valley High School 41.6
Jefferson County Robert Frost Sixth-Grade Academy 45.7
Jefferson County Frederick Law Olmsted Academy North 46.3
Jefferson County Stuart Middle 46.7
Christian County North Drive Middle School 47.4
Jefferson County Thomas Jefferson Middle 48.6
Knott County Cordia School 48.8
Newport Independent Newport Middle School 50.2
Caverna Independent Caverna Middle School 50.5

Top 10
Jefferson County duPont Manual High 91.9
Jefferson County Brown School 90.5
Fort Thomas Independent Highlands High School 89.3
Beechwood Independent Beechwood High School 89.0
Jefferson County Louisville Male High School 85.5
Walton-Verona Indep. Walton-Verona High School 85.0
Oldham County South Oldham High School 84.4
Hazard Independent Hazard High School 84.2
Murray Independent Murray High School 84.1
Bullitt County Bullitt East High School 83.8

Bottom 10
Knott County Cordia School 55.8
Jefferson County Iroquois High 56.3
Jefferson County Doss High 57.9
Jefferson County The Academy @ Shawnee 59.1
Jefferson County Western High School 59.3
Jefferson County Valley High School 59.7
Covington Independent Holmes High School 60.0
Jackson County Jackson County High School 61.8
Robertson County Robertson County School 62.9
Caverna Independent Caverna High School 63.8

Top 10
Fort Thomas Independent 82.5  
Beechwood Independent 80.4  
Anchorage Independent 79.0
Murray Independent 78.8
Corbin Independent 76.8
Boyle County 76.6
Walton-Verona Indep. 76.4  
Pikeville Independent 76.3
Russell Independent 75.6
Oldham County 74.9
Calloway County 74.7

Bottom 10
Robertson County 56.9
Newport Independent 57.1  
Caverna Independent 58.7
Covington Independent 59.3
Carroll County 59.6
Breathitt County 60.0
West Point Independent 60.3
Elliott County 60.7
Russellville Independent 61.2
Jackson County 61.4


  1. Silver Grove used to be a very good school . It has going down now for the past years. It should close but certain people evidently don't care about today's children's education, they want to hang on their to their past memories.

    1. Silver Grove is one of the worst schools anyone could go to. My kids went there for couple of yrs and they sucked.

    2. You may consider that Silver Grove is not a very good school system, but according to the list above, they are ranked higher than both Covington and Newport. What does that say about Covington and Newport?